Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Face Pressure to Cut Costs and Deal with Shrinking Budgets for 2015: Webinar to Explain Why Cost-Cutting Approaches of Past Years Are Ineffective Today and Introduce Powerful New Ways to Cut Lab Costs


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AUSTIN, Texas (October 7, 2014) — It is widely acknowledged that this is a particularly tough budget season for the nation’s clinical laboratories and pathology groups. Most labs are scrambling to adjust to reduced reimbursement and directives from their parent hospitals and health systems to shrink their lab budgets for 2015. And what is different during the 2015 budget cycle compared to those of past years, is that the typical cost-cutting tricks of the last decade no longer produce the needed savings.

Lab leaders need effective new approaches to trim spending in their labs without sacrificing quality, and without the need to lay off skilled medical technologists and other experienced lab scientists. To introduce the newest, most potent lab cost-cutting approaches, a special webinar entitled “Effective Lab Cost-Cutting and Budget Strategies for 2015” is being presented on Tuesday, October 14 at 1:00 PM EDT.

The respected hosts of this web conference, Patrick Maul, Principal Consultant with Becton Dickinson, and Dennis Sumwalt, Vice President of Sanford Health Integrated Laboratory Services, will share their cost-cutting expertise and budget cycle strategies, and provide key information and insights on how to trim lab costs in intelligent ways while sustaining clinical excellence.

Says Sumwalt, “Most lab managers do not realize how many cost-cutting tools are available for them to use. These cost-cutting initiatives can be implemented with a minimum of time and effort—and they deliver sustained savings across multiple budget cycles.” To that end, both Sumwalt and Maul will share specific approaches on how lab managers can widen their horizons when seeking to identify useful ways to cut costs, and discuss specific measures that can be taken, including:

  • Right-sizing lab equipment
  • Reviewing reference and esoteric testing costs
  • Skillset matching and better alignment of staff skills in the lab
  • Reviewing maintenance contracts for instrument systems and lab automation
  • Shared testing opportunities with nearby labs, and much more

As an extra value-added benefit of this webinar, the end of the session will be opened up for a live Q&A. For more information about “Effective Lab Cost-Cutting and Budget Strategies for 2015” and to view webinar details including presenter biographies and pricing, visit You may also contact Ron Martin at 512-264-7103.


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