Increase Your Lab Revenue With Better Billing & Coding



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Increase Your Lab Revenue With Better Billing & Coding:

How To Collect More Money While Slashing Collection Costs

When: August 26th, 2008

Where: Audio Conference

Who: If you’re looking for ways to boost your lab’s revenue in the coming months (and who isn’t?), you won’t want to miss the August 26th DARK REPORT audio conference where you’ll learn proven steps to help you generate cash from unbilled services and lost or unpaid claims. Presentations by Kevin Ellison, President & CEO for Kellison & Company and Mark Edwards, Vice President of Operations for Kellison & Company both based in Cleveland Ohio.
Focus: How to Increase Your Lab Revenue With Better Billing & Coding:

• How To Collect More Money While Slashing Collection Costs

One of the nation’s most effective billing companies is ready to share its process for excellence in laboratory coding, billing, and collections. Kevin Ellison, President and CEO of Kellison & Company, calls it the “need information process,” which focuses exclusively on submitting a clean claim the first time, every time. While most healthcare providers, including laboratories, typically submit “clean” first-time claims only 50% to 70% of the time, Kellison and its clients post an impressive collective average ratio of clean claims on first submission approaching 88%! Find out what they do differently and how you can master these techniques to achieve this same high rate of clean claim submission, earning valuable extra revenue for your laboratory.

You’ll get information on Kellison’s unique “three-dimension strategy,” which is the cornerstone of its claims process:
The first dimension helps you build better relationships with referring physician clients, because their offices originate the test requisitions which are too-often the source of inaccurate or missing information that trigger rejections.

The second dimension is your lab’s internal coding/billing/collection team. There are lots of overlooked and highly effective techniques to improve your internal work processes-leading to increased collections and more dollars on the pay line. Find out why your lab’s lack of detailed, up-to-date information on payer contracts and price schedules is costing you big bucks, plus how to change that and boost collected revenue literally overnight!

The third dimension focuses on your managed care plans. Every laboratory knows payers often make it tough to collect money that is rightfully due the providers. This audio conference will show you how to turn the tables on payers using existing contract terms and accurate price lists to see immediate increases in your collected revenues.
Increase Your Lab Revenue With Better Billing & Coding:
How To Collect More Money While Slashing Collection Costs

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