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The path to your organization’s growth starts here. Get the 2023 Media and Marketing Guide to learn how The Dark Intelligence Group, publishers of The Dark Report, Dark and producers of the Executive War College annual conference, can get you in front of a large and loyal audience of clinical lab and pathology decision-makers. Our comprehensive marketing and advertising programs, leading lab industry events, and thought-leadership initiatives will help you turn these engaged executives into your own devoted customers.

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Thousands of active and engaged lab and pathology decision makers rely on The Dark Intelligence Group to stay ahead of critical changes and trends that could affect their laboratories’ business. 

Our partner programs reach key decision makers and influencers in the clinical laboratory and pathology industry, helping you expand your reach and accelerate your pipeline. Through a variety of out-of-the-box and custom executions, we tailor our approach to maximize your success.

Webinars:  Dark Daily Webinars are the perfect vehicle to deliver high value while building your company’s brand and extending your reach.

White Papers:  Dark Daily White Papers are a great tool to establish your authority while also addressing your clients’ needs and accelerating purchasing decisions.

Events:  Executive War College on Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory, and Pathology Management is the premier annual conference, bringing together nearly 1,000 of the top lab and pathology leaders, experts, and solutions providers.

Digital Advertising and Email Briefings:  The Dark Daily news site and regular email briefings reach thousand of lab professionals every month. Get your brand in front of them and jumpstart your lead generation efforts.

Custom Content & Articles:  Extend those “teachable moments” with your audience. A hands-on consultative approach from concept to delivery ensures your program objectives are met.

Market Research & Analysis:  Dark Intelligence Group’s extensive access to key influencers and buyers enables us to design and implement market surveys and reports, complete with thorough analysis.

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Our work and relationship with you over the years has always been extremely valuable. The process of working with your team is always a smooth, easy, professional one with undisputed results. I personally value the relationship, interaction and feeling of direct teamwork I experience in every step of any project I have done with you.

Lisa-Jean Clifford

COO & Chief Strategy Officer, Gestalt Diagnostics

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The Dark Intelligence Group - 2022 Strategy and Solutions Guide

Partnering with The Dark Intelligence Group is a powerful way to establish instant credibility with your target audience. Thousands of lab and pathology key decision makers rely on our publications and events to help them stay ahead of critical changes and trends that could affect their laboratories’ business.