Seminars for Lab Managers

Transforming Clinical Lab Middle Managers
into Top-Performing Team Contributors!

Two days of tailored learning
for your clinical laboratory’s management leaders

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Send your clinical laboratory’s best management talent and
most promising young leaders to this two-day intensive!

You know that demand for top-performing clinical laboratory and pathology managers has never been greater! The acute shortage of trained laboratory staff in every region of the nation adds even more demand for effective clinical laboratory managers.

So now you have the perfect training resource to advance your personal management career—even as you gain the skills to contribute more to your clinical laboratory and hospital.

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This fall, you can attend the nation’s first-ever management intensive. “Transforming Laboratory Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!” Best of all, you can chose a city near you, including Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. Skills to be taught include:

  • Teaching lab managers to become effective coaches
  • Refining leadership styles
  • Improving your clinical laboratory’s working culture
  • Charting personal career paths within your lab.
  • Succession-planning essentials
  • Evaluating staff to identify leaders
  • Understanding your communication style
  • Unleashing creativity within your laboratory staff!

Now you can step up your personal management career and your contribution to your clinical laboratory organization. Our special two-day workshop delivers you the customized management tools, insights, and hands-on competence you need to move up your clinical laboratory’s management ladder.

Best of all, it’s affordable, it’s at a city near you, and it’s clinical laboratory-specific management knowledge. Join us for the essential management training that can propel you into greater leadership roles. Bring your colleagues and learn as a team. Register today to guarantee your place!

You are encouraged to participate together as a team with other colleagues from your clinical pathology laboratory. With as many as five registrations from your organization, the per-person tuition falls to as low as $595 for two information-filled days of learning. That’s unmatched value—and you should point out to your boss that professional management training of this caliber at such an affordable tuition makes your participation an easy business case to justify.

Registration Coming  Soon, Please Check Back!!

Early Bird Savings Extended…

Two Powerful Days of Management Wisdom

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Individual $895 $1,095 20% Off!
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Team of 5 or more $595 $795 25% Off Each!

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Who Should Attend:

This unique workshop for clinical laboratory managers is appropriate for up-and-coming middle managers, senior managers, and administrators; any clinical laboratory manager tasked with achieving business goals and boosting staff productivity, including:

  • Operational department managers
  • Clinical department managers
  • Pathology administrators
  • Director-level managers, including operations, logistics,
    IT, sales, marketing, client support, finance, and more
  • Administrators at all levels
  • Clinical section managers
  • Supervisors on the management track
  • Supervisors at all level

Ask Your Boss!

Are you excited and ready to attend our exceptional clinical laboratory managers workshop? Then take initiative and ask your boss! After all, initiative is an essential trait that sets management leaders apart from the followers.

A smart boss wants clinical laboratory managers committed to learning, willing to master new skills, and take on expanded responsibilities. Speak up and make the business case to your boss about why sending you and others on your team to this highly-focused clinical laboratory managers workshop is a smart decision. Don’t forget to remind him or her that it is investment in people which generates the biggest return in the laboratory and for the hospital!

This special clinical laboratory managers workshop is designed to help you unlock your full potential, while teaching you how to motivate and lead others in your laboratory. These are skills and outcomes that every enlightened boss wants for the ambitious managers on their team.

Registration Coming  Soon, Please Check Back!

Early Bird Savings Extended…

  • Register One at $1,095Now Only $895, 20% Off!
  • Register Two to Four at $945 each – Now Only $795 Each, 17% Off!
  • Register Team of 5 or more at $745 each – Now Only $595 Each, 25% Off!

Look at All That You’ll Learn!

What clinical laboratory management skills and talents to you want to acquire? Are there management methods you’d like to refine? Here are the reasons why “Transforming Laboratory Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!” is a perfect way to perfect your personal skills and talents!

  • New ways to engage your lab’s culture that turbocharge productivity and profits!
  • Proven methods that motivate lab staff to achieve stretch goals on time and on budget!
  • Charting your personal and organizational vision—setting a road map for success!
  • Increase your lab’s productivity by improving your lab’s middle managers’ effectiveness!
  • How to evaluate your team and identify the barriers to increased performance and profitability!
  • Becoming the better coach: why it works and how to pick your best coaching candidates!
  • Know your preferred leadership style and how to use it to motivate staff and improve teamwork!
  • Simple steps to teach your managers better people-management skills.
  • Succession planning essentials: prepare your lab for the coming wave of retiring managers and staff!
  • Best ways to develop talented staff members with limited time and a bare bones budget!
  • Effective methods to retain top producers with a management career path they appreciate!
  • Achieving the high-performance culture in your lab: unleashing your managers’ creativity!
  • Understand how to get the wrong people off your bus!
  • Secrets to leading Baby Boomer’s, Gen-Xer’s, and Millennials!
  • It’s all about vision: best ways to align your lab’s growth goals with your personal career path!
  • Recognize your lab’s superstars and how to energize them to greater achievement!

As an up-and-coming clinical laboratory manager and leader, you do not need to be a mathematician to understand the following equation…

Clinical Laboratory Management Workshop 2010 + You = Knowledge and skills that translate into management promotions for you, more income, and added respect as you contribute more to your clinical laboratory.

It’s rewarding to see the eyes of our attendee’s brighten up as the proverbial light bulb flashes above their heads.

One new management insight that is new to you …and perfect in helping you solve a nagging problem in your clinical laboratory.

Or one management technique strategy you were not using …and which can add to your leadership and effectiveness in managing your staff.

In fifteen years of providing the clinical laboratory industry’s most advance management strategies, insights, and education, we have never had an unsatisfied attendee to our management programs and we are not expecting to start. We offer ideas, strategies, and insightful tips that will be worth every penny and every second of your time.

To register for the “Transforming Laboratory Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!” in the city of your choice and qualify for our remarkably affordable early bird registration rates, register on-line, or call 800-560-6363, or fax a corporate purchase order to 512-264-0969. You can also reserve your participation with a credit card.

Ways to Register:
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2. Fax this complete registration form to 512-264-0969
3. Mail the one page registration form with payment to:

21806 Briarcliff Dr.
Spicewood, TX 78669

If you plan on attending, we’d recommend you don’t delay, as we offer generous early bird specials, and we expect all four of these Clinical Laboratory Managers Workshops to fill up quickly.


Robert L. Michel
Founder and Producer
Clinical Laboratory Managers Workshop

Here Is the Agenda for the Most Recent Clinical Laboratory Managers Workshop

You’ll find everything you need to build your management skills and develop useful insights about how to apply them. This is an information-rich two days of management learning.

Day 1 Agenda and Activities

8:00-8:30 Introductions, goals, fast start overview

8:30-11:00 Learning your personal management style; understand how to flex your style to meet the needs of your teams, peers, and bosses

11:00-12:00 Cultural overview

  • Defining your clinical lab’s working culture
  • Ways to create a motivated and engaged workforce
  • Breaking down silo mentality in your clinical laboratory
  • Dealing with the entitlement mentality of some staff
  • Striking the right balance between operations and sales
  • Retention of the right people
  • Create a “CEO of Your Department” philosophy
  • Leading Baby Boomers, Gen-X’ers and Millennials

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00-2:00 Obstacle Course

  • Connecting your team to the vision, mission and goals of your clinical laboratory organization
  • How to effectively use your leadership style to shape your team’s culture

2:00-2:15 Break

2:15-4:00 How to increase productivity from your lab leadership team

  • Identify behaviors of high performers and emerging leaders
  • Hire the right leaders
  • Retention of the right leaders
  • Get the wrong people off the bus
  • Getting the right attitude for your clinical lab’s management leaders
  • Highlights of a strong culture

4:00 End for the evening

Homework—Plot your boss and your direct reports leadership styles, using the tools your learned today. How will you communicate differently based on what you learned today?


Day 2 Agenda and Activities

8:00-8:30 Recap of Day 1; Homework review

8:30-10:00 Turning your laboratory managers into effective coaches

  • Define coaching
  • Create an understanding of coaching
  • Why managers should coach
  • Provide coaching tools
  • Common coaching scenarios
  • Tips and traps for coaches
  • Resources

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:00 Goal Setting for you and your lab team

11:00-12:00 Situational leadership model as it applies to labs

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:30 Recognizing “Blue Chips” and unlocking their potential

1:30-3:00 Succession planning in the clinical laboratory and management ladder

  • Planning for the next generation
  • Mastering the 9 Box Talent Review Tool
  • Supporting differences in how people like to learn
  • Your role as manager

3:00-3:30 Personal career planning and using new knowledge to contribute more in the clinical laboratory

3:30-4:00 Identifying next steps for you as a manager and a leader

3. Fax this complete registration form to 512-264-0969
4. Mail the one page registration form with payment to:


21806 Briarcliff Dr.
Spicewood, TX 78669