Company Overview

MarketMotion is a marketing planning practice which has provided strategic to tactical linkage for over three decades to companies in a wide range of healthcare categories including bio-med/lab diagnostics, medical insurance/benefit admin, devices, and providers. Our primary work revolves around assisting companies to gain market share, position (or reposition) companies for growth, and posture them to monetize the efforts for stakeholders.

As components of managing marketing subjects for our clients we have had the privilege of effectively working with some remarkable people from the standpoint of research, public and trade relations, and communication to the intended audience. As examples in the early 90’s, Merrill Matthews, was instrumental in collaborating on strategy during health reform for a Dallas client. Mr. Matthews has directed The Institute for Policy Innovation since the late 80’s. While with Luntz Research, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick (former White House spokesperson) was a sounding board for our thoughts on benefit administration before we wrote on the subject in the early 90’s. Mid-2000, we worked with Ken Fairchild who prepared over four dozen people before they were interviewed on ’60 Minutes’. Ken helped us position a medical benefit firm during the Obama administration. And, as our bio’s below will demonstrate we have key people who have worked with and built great brands, large and small, and successful because we focused on the audience. It’s really that simple in premise, but it does require much attention to detail. We pay attention to the audience point-of-view. That’s how we saved Bio-Rad Labs $2 MM by listening to the audience; not spending.

Key Areas of Service

  • Market/Quantitative and Qualitive Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Product and Services Planning

  • Promotional Communication (all spokes from traditional to digital)

  • Internal Communication

  • Demand Stimulation, Sales Support, Management

    Bio-Rad Testimonial

    Bio-Rad’s Clinical Diagnostic Group worked with MarketMotion on a marketing assessment of a transaction portal concept for our company, based on technology we developed. Initially, our strategy was to leverage Bio-Rad’s quality control data peer reports, SDSs, IFUs and to facilitate instrument support connectivity sessions—all in a secure environment. We believed this would reinforce our brand as an innovator, drive brand awareness and enhance the customer experience, including the ability to perform online transactions.

    Our strategy at the time, was to see if we could leverage our technology and vision to enable clinical laboratories to access our portal to have access to quality control data peer reports, product safety data sheets, instructions for use, facilitate instrument support remote connectivity sessions and purchase select products from Bio-Rad all in a secure environment.

    The question we pondered was this: Were we entitled to be in the space as an IVD manufacturer, and was there enough interest and trust from our audience to justify the investment? By engaging MarketMotion, we were able to quickly set up interviews, surveys and KOL feedback sessions that compared our vision to reality in the segment. Ultimately, we decided not to pursue the portal strategy as an IVD company. MarketMotion’s insight and guidance helped clarify our strategic decision to focus company resources in more promising areas.

    John Bussell

    VP, Commercial Operation, Bio-Rad Laboratories Global Commercial Organization

    Leadership Team

    Mark Masters

    President and Marketing Lead

    Mark has been the team lead on MarketMotion engagements since inception in 1991 managing between 8-20 individual talents for each effort including outside vendor organizations and leveraging excellent people within the companies we work with. MarketMotion is fortunate to consistently identify great professionals for over three decades; our network is broad. Because of our approach, we commonly assist companies to grow 3-5x on average in 3 years. As teams, we are focused on three matters. Gaining market share, posturing companies for their financial preferences, and providing guidance and resources to monetize those efforts in a timeframe that suits the stakeholders. We predominantly work on the revenue side of the house but the CFO’s appreciate us very much because we give them realistic projections of what to expect and anticipate. We know how to gauge those subjects. VP’s of Sales relish what we do because we set the table for them and their revenue objectives. We are huge fans of the Sales “hunters” and in concert with a few of our colleagues we have helped secure several much needed Sales VP’s for our clients.

    Mark Cunningham

    Market Research & Strategist

    Mark is among the most calm, gracious people to work with on market research because he takes it all in from primary, secondary, and anecdotal information to form a relevant framework for the client, writers and art directors as we prepare a Creative Brief for strategy to tactical linkage. His gaze when we come upon an “audience break through” is boyish, but his focus on the C-level executives is telling. What would one expect from a Northeastern professional. Mark has worked with MarketMotion on numerous B2B engagements from Bio-Rad Labs (reagent kits), Premiere Conferencing, (audio/web), oil and gas software, health care and insurance segments. On his own he is accomplished with many consumer products companies, including, Motel 6, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola Foods, Texas Instruments, TGI Friday’s, Trane, Lennox, and many others. He won a Gold Effie from the American Marketing Association for his work on “Tom Bodett for Motel 6, considered the most successful radio campaign in America, and he was instrumental in the longtime theme for Trane, “It’s hard to stop a Trane.” What a grounded professional. Mark currently lives in the Austin, TX area and travels to see his family around the country. Looking forward to our next foray with a client that requires a fresh look at appealing to their audience.

    Carolyn Andres

    Art Director

    Carolyn is one of those special talents that can articulate in a way that anyone can accept. What a classy art director and person with a wonderful sense of life and humor. Sort of important when we deal with such a wide range of audiences and business subject matter. She has designed work for MarketMotion clients ranging from technology/software, oil and gas, and healthcare which demonstrates her range since she was also the art director for Williams-Sonoma catalogues for 16 years. After years of sharing the merits of Colorado with her from the MarketMotion standpoint, Carolyn and her husband Gene moved to Grand Junction and it seems they are enjoying life fully while she continues to work with us and help make client’s efforts measurably effective.

    Jeanine Stevens


    Jeanine has been a quiet star since the mid-80’s when I first saw her professional portfolio, but there is nothing quiet about her copywriting. She has named multiple companies, products, and services for MarketMotion clients and written thousands of words of meaningful and effective copy. She’s a treasure and we have always been appreciative to have access to her ability to absorb the business circumstance and convey relevance to an audience. In her spare time she once even earned a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream because she named a flavor or two. Yum. To her personal credit she shares a personal affinity with MarketMotion founder, Mark Masters, for the Chicago Cubs, and she continues to operate Dallas Bites!/Dallas by Chocolate food and historical tours, which she founded in DFW. Watch out, she also is a 3rd degree black belt and trains youth in tae kwon do!

    Contact Information

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    Phone: 719-533-1599

    Contact for an introductory visit: 866-MKT-PLAN, Texas, 214-321-MRKT or Colorado, 719-533-1599

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