Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC


The Company provides a resource for teaching field representatives strategy, tactics, and sales compliance within the clinical lab industry.  In addition to this didactic approach, the Company also provides phone consults with field representatives that review previous client conversations and/or up-coming client meetings to determine appropriate next steps.

Field personnel may have been trained elsewhere years before, or they may have been in the industry for a length of time.  It begs, however, these two questions: (1) Does hearing something once constitute lifelong applicability and success?  (2) Does experience equal aptitude?

Fortunately, there is Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC.  The curriculum employs the most current, industry-relevant, and professional sales methodologies in strategy and tactics.  Formally educating representatives and refining sales skills not only emboldens a sales plan, but it also capitalizes on a labs’ greatest hidden asset—the untapped potential of its sales force.

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC transcends the typical sales training course by instructing with proven lab-specific principles, conceived after many years of training and coaching salespeople within the reference lab industry.  It focuses on delivering results, rather than simply creating an event.

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  • Comprehensive review of proven field strategies
  • Concepts of and real-life tactical conversations, including closing techniques
  • Written exercises to ignite further discussion
  • All-inclusive review of the federal compliance laws: Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act, Stark laws, and civil monetary penalty laws. This module also includes actual cases in which labs/individuals have been embroiled in the various laws. It also reviews other topics such as placing a phlebotomist in a doctor’s office, clint bill pricing, placing equipment in a client’s office, custom profiles, and test documentation.



“Your lab experience is vast, and you have many stories I can relate to— much appreciated.” – Sales rep in California

“Very knowledgeable.  I liked the real-life examples.” – Sales rep in Pennsylvania

“I learned key tools to use with clients—good applicable strategies.”  – Sales rep in New Jersey

“Great examples and interaction with sales team.” – Sales Manager in New York

“You gave us great ideas on how to promote our lab over the competition.” – Sales rep in Indiana

“I’ve attended several sales training courses over my career, but this is the first one that addressed what I come across every day.  Very good.  Very refreshing.  – Sales rep in Virginia


Supercharging Your Sales Force Effectiveness

On Sales Managers and Coaches


Peter Francis is a highly respected laboratory industry subject matter expert in sales and marketing.  He has spent his entire 47-year career in the reference laboratory business and has experience in selling lab services, managing salespeople, training, and creating marketing materials.  Examples of employers are Upjohn Lab Procedures, SmithKline Beecham Labs, American Medical Labs, Quest Diagnostics and Health Network Labs.  Mr. Francis has completed market opportunity assessments (MOA) that provided competitive landscape data, as well as opportunities for a new laboratory service.

Among the numerous clients that have hired Mr. Francis, some examples are: ARUP Labs, Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger Hospital, Legacy Hospital System, NorDx Lab, Excela Health, Dominion Pathology Lab, Bethesda Dermatopathology Lab, Sonic Healthcare, and Northwell Health.

Mr. Francis is also a published author.  He has written over 45 articles, many of which have been published in industry journals such as Medical Laboratory Observer, Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory and Clinical Lab Manager.  Finally, Mr. Francis has been a guest speaker at ten national industry conferences and five nationally-broadcast webinars.


Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC
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