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“We went from using an extremely buggy and unreliable SharePoint document control system to one that is seamless to use with excellent tracking capabilities. [It is] easy to upload, update, and manage [documents].”

– Amer A., Assistant Director

Our inspection went very smoothly. We set up 4 inspectors with desktop computers and access to MediaLab, and I think they handled 90% of the inspection that way. When I asked afterwards, they said it was very smooth and easy to do once they got the hang of it. Thanks for all your help through our many years with MediaLab.”

– Lester R., UroPartners

“POCT Compass takes the constant reminding and notifying of employees out of your hands. Our employees get notifications and they have to follow through. Also, having all the documentation online and at a finger’s reach is great.”

– Dawn J., Laboratory Supervisor

“Not only does Personnel Documentation help our lab stay in compliance, it makes it so easy. New users are able to figure out how to navigate it with very little instruction, which makes them more eager to go back to it again and again. As an administrator, I can pull important information quickly to help me stay on top of matters before they fall through the cracks! Our management team likes the email reminders, which frees us from micro-managing our employees. Staff from all levels appreciate its usefulness!”

– Lisa D., Quality Manager

“As an administrator, it is easy to create new employee profiles and set them up with the courses they need. You can also easily track their progress and send out emails. I am ASCP certified and must earn 12 CEs every year in hematology, micro, BB, chemistry, lab safety, and HIPAA, all of which are available to me and make it easy to keep my certification current. Plus, our lab and New York State requires all lab and admin staff to have certain CEs per year, so we all use MediaLab.”

– Gwenn S., Lead Certifying Scientist / CE Coordinator

“MediaLab meets all our regulatory requirements. The support in both setting up the platform and ongoing has been wonderful. Any requests have been quickly dealt with. We have been so pleased with the Document Control and are now adding on additional programs, such as Compass and InspectionProof.”

– Kris A., Quality Manager

MediaLab’s Mission

MediaLab’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing state-of-the-art quality management solutions.

Company Overview

MediaLab’s solutions are the ideal foundation for your laboratory’s quality management and compliance programs. We believe in simplifying regulatory processes for our lab colleagues while providing the customer support and training you can only get from a lab-centric team. With MediaLab, laboratory directors, managers, and supervisors can:

MediaLab empowers laboratories of all sizes to maximize efficiency, overcome PI hurdles, and focus on patient care.

Support & Security

MediaLab is known for its superior customer support. Many members of MediaLab’s staff are credentialed and experienced in clinical laboratory science. Because of this expertise, MediaLab’s platform and implementation have been optimized specifically for clinical laboratories.

Data security is a top MediaLab priority. MediaLab’s commitment to security is demonstrated by its FedRAMP authorization.

Key Areas of Service

  • Fully integrated, cloud-based SaaS solutions designed for laboratories of all types and sizes, including hospital-based, reference, specialty, start-up, genetic, genomics, department of defense, VA and VISNs, public health, veterinary, medical device, and more
  • Cost-effective pricing to fit any laboratory’s budget
  • World-class platform security and support
  • Total clinical laboratory experience of over 100 years
  • Experience serving 4,000+ institutions worldwide


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Document Control is MediaLab’s document management system that allows laboratory teams to manage and collaborate on policies, procedures, forms, job aids, workflows, and more. Current documentation can be uploaded in any format and will be automatically standardized. Managers can assign permissions for document editing and reviewing. Automatic email notifications alert employees to edit, review, or sign off on documentation. Documentation changes are synced across the platform, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and in compliance. Managers and staff alike can feel prepared knowing that all documentation is complete, accessible, and in compliance, regardless of the documentation type.

Document Control, and all of MediaLab’s solutions, are tablet and mobile friendly.

InspectionProof is MediaLab’s inspection readiness system that allows laboratory teams to collaborate and prepare for virtual, hybrid, on-site, and self inspections. Employees can upload new inspection checklists as well as sync previous years’ checklists for maximized efficiency. Managers can assign permissions and delegate checklist items to an unlimited number of employees. Checklist items always sync the most recent edits, ensuring that all information is up-to-date. Managers can grant inspectors view-only access and feel prepared knowing that all items are complete and accessible, regardless of the inspection type.


InspectionProof checklists can be granted to inspectors with view-only access.

Intelligent Quality Engine (IQE) is MediaLab’s non-conforming event management system that allows laboratory teams to track, assess, and prevent non-conforming events (NCE). With the capability to import or create event forms and data logs, IQE enables laboratory teams to eliminate deficiencies, correct common NCEs, and automate daily data log entries. Administrators can easily document each phase of the event management lifecycle, from initial event description to risk analysis, investigation, and root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions plans, and overall CAPA effectiveness evaluations.

IQE’s robust reporting exports data for a visual representation of trends.

POCT Compass is MediaLab’s POCT competency assessment management system that allows laboratory teams to create, assign, and export employee activities. For maximized efficiency, administrators can import and customize pre-built assessments created by MediaLab and other users. Administrators can assign permissions and delegate assessment building and editing to other staff. Administrators can save time by matching assessments to groups of users at once. Automatic notifications and renewals allow administrators to ensure that all staff receive their initial, 6 month, and annual assessments. During inspections or audits, POCT Compass allows administrators to generate complete reports to demonstrate compliance.

A sample view of competency assessments in POCT Compass.

Personnel Documentation is MediaLab’s employee credential management system that allows managers to build and export the laboratory’s roster, including laboratory directors, technical supervisors, technical consultants, and laboratory / non-laboratory testing personnel. Current documentation can be uploaded and will be automatically compared against CLIA’s 42 CFR Subpart M requirements for specified positions. Managers can assign permissions for document uploading, editing, and reviewing. Automatic email notifications alert employees to renew certifications, licenses, delegations of duties, and more. Managers and staff alike can feel prepared knowing that all qualifications are met and that staff are in compliance.

A laboratory’s roster created in Personnel Documentation.

Compliance & CE is MediaLab’s all-inclusive course library and learning management system. This solution provides employees with over 140 courses covering all major laboratory disciplines and ranging from basic to advanced. Laboratory administrators can target all of their training needs with CourseBuilder, our included functionality that allows admins to customize our courses and build unique courses. Administrators can easily assign courses to specific groups of employees and track and review their performance. 10-15 new courses are added every year and automatically included in the subscription.

Examples of courses included in a Compliance & CE subscription.

MediaLab offers a series of microscopy case simulators covering Red Blood Cell (RBC) Morphology, White Blood Cell Differential, Advanced White Blood Cell Differential, Body Fluids, Urinalysis, and Bacteriology. Produced in collaboration with Louisiana State University Health Science Center, these simulators present well-documented case studies from patients with a variety of conditions. These simulators include virtual microscopes with built-in focus features, hemocytometers, cytospins, urine test strips, biochemical testing pathways, organism identification, and more. At the conclusion of each case, instructors review the case, point out important morphological features, and work through more difficult evaluations in a video summary. Administrators can assign case studies, review completion statuses, and run reports to compare student and employee performance.

An edge and a 50x view of red blood cells from our Red Blood Cell (RBC) Morphology case simulator.

A view of Micrococcus luteus alongside the interactive flow chart from our Bacteriology case simulator.

Leadership Team

Paul Fekete MediaLab

Paul Fekete, M.D.


As a clinical and anatomical pathologist, Paul has been an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Emory University, Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories at Gwinnett Medical Center, and Assistant Professor at Medical College of Georgia. He is the author of numerous peer-review scientific publications and is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the College of American Pathologists. Paul gained experience in applying informatics to quality processes during his tenure as medical director of laboratories. He is presently engaged full time as MediaLab’s CEO where he envisions and guides the development of software solutions and education courses for healthcare.

Tim Westover MediaLab

Tim Westover, MBT

Chief Software Architect

Tim was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and graduated magna cum laude in English from Davidson College in North Carolina. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Georgia with a master’s degree in Business Technology and served as Assistant Professor in information technology and digital media at Georgia Gwinnett College. Having joined MediaLab in 1998, Tim focuses on database design and performance, maximizing the ease-of-use of MediaLab’s solutions through modern user interface design, and bringing a blend of linguistics and coding experience to translating complex government regulations into user-friendly applications.

Leah Westover MediaLab

Leah Westover, MPH, MLS(ASCP)

Director of Sales

Leah began her career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. She obtained her M.S. in Public Health from Thomas Jefferson University and worked as a Lead Tech in the Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience laboratory. After training technologists for years, she transitioned to the Director of Education and Outreach and MLS Program Director at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. Her work in the laboratory setting, including her education initiatives and daily utilization of MediaLab’s software, helped solidify her role with MediaLab. Leah has been working at MediaLab for over 10 years and is directing the MediaLab Sales Department.

Alex Casapu MediaLab

Alexandru Casapu, MBA, MLS(ASCP) PBT

Director of Educational Content

Alex has over 20 years of experience as a medical laboratory scientist, section supervisor, and laboratory manager. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Alex started his Medical Technology career at Archbold Memorial Hospital before transitioning to Emory University Hospital. Alex served as Program Director of the Clinical Laboratory Technology and Phlebotomy programs at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Alex joined MediaLab in 2015. He writes and reviews new continuing education courses, oversees the development, review, and updating of certification exam practice simulators and laboratory simulators, and is actively involved in the development of new educational modules for medical laboratory professionals.

Chelsey Coker MediaLab

Chelsey Coker

Director of Support and Implementation Services

Chelsey was born in Greenville, South Carolina, and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she graduated with a B.A. degree in communications from Georgia State University. Before joining MediaLab in 2016, Chelsey worked in the medical manufacturing industry, where she helped to implement and administer quality management systems. For MediaLab, Chelsey oversees customer support operations, directing a team that provides direct phone and email support, user training, implementation & kickoffs, documentation, and other resources.

MediaLab Resources

MediaLab has several recorded webinars available to you. Sign up for our emailing list to get notified when free webinars are scheduled.

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Compliance & CE, Recorded Webinar

NEW! Tracking Non-Conforming Events and Automating Data Logs
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