Advancing Value-Based Healthcare Through Outreach Connectivity, Health Information Exchange and Clinical Data Interoperability

Lifepoint Mission

Lifepoint Informatics has been the trusted name in helping hundreds of labs, hospitals, and pathology groups to effectively connect with physicians and providers in their community, compete in their market place, and comply with evolving regulations.

Company Overview

Lifepoint Informatics is the trusted leader in healthcare information technology, advancing value-based health care with uncomplicated clinical integration, health information exchange, and data interoperability solutions for hospitals, health systems, clinical laboratories, diagnostic imaging, health insurers and accountable care organizations. Built on a unified workflow platform, our solutions interoperate seamlessly across multiple modalities, application layers, and end-user devices. Lifepoint customers love our clear, user friendly data integration solutions that facilitate health information exchange, enable successful outreach connectivity, EMR integration, EHR interfacing, physician portal, population health management, and quality reporting among disparate clinical systems.

lifepoint workflow

Lifepoint Infrastructure

Lifepoint Informatics offers healthcare providers, payers, diagnostic centers and EHR vendors a set of interoperable solutions built on a unified workflow platform. This platform enables our solutions to interoperate so seamlessly across multiple modalities, application layers, and end-user devices that you may not notice it is there. That is because the unified workflow platform is working behind the scenes to keep all of your solutions interoperating.

Lifepoint Informatics’ infrastructure is built on a unified workflow platform which better enables hospitals, labs and healthcare organizations to deliver clinical and administrative messages in a meaningful way in order to satisfy marketplace demands. Using a balanced strategy for outreach and growth; labs, diagnostic imaging center, hospitals, health insurers, EMR vendors and accountable care organizations (ACO) rely on Lifepoint’s products to achieve their strategic initiatives. With solutions for interoperability, data repository, CPOE integration, physician portal, patient access and mobile access, Lifepoint Informatics can help healthcare organizations better manage and coordinate care for improved population health.

Who We Serve

  • Hospitals and Health Systems – Lifepoint’s suite of integration solutions work across any
    hospital or health system platform ensuring critical patient data is made available to clinicians at the touch of a button. 
  • Clinical Laboratories – Lifepoint’s products simplify lab orders management, trim your EMR implementation time and cost, and maximize interoperability.
  • Radiology and Imaging Solutions – Improve order entry and report delivery for radiology and imaging.
  • Anatomic Pathology – Connect, compete and comply with interoperable solutions for pathology orders and results access.
  • Health Plans – Get instant access to laboratory and diagnostic test results.
  • EMR Vendors – Lifepoint offers CPOE Connect, an easy to integrate EHR plug-in solution for lab order entry. Lifepoint CPOE Connect requires no retooling or modification to your EHR software and can greatly reduce existing CPOE development costs.

Healthcare IT Solutions

The Lifepoint Hub achieves rapid interoperability within complex healthcare environments by connecting systems seamlessly, in less time and at a lower cost.

Lifepoint can integrate and exchange data with any Disparate Healthcare System with a single connection from your:

  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Anatomic Pathology (AP)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Interface to Labs, hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and patient monitoring devices.
  • Built on a unified workflow platform allowing clients seamless interoperability.
  • EMRHub allows for an unlimited amount of EMR connections through one interface.
  • Eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces.
  • Hosted at two premier data centers utilizing cutting edge security protocols.
  • Complete project management from start to go live is handled by experienced project managers.
  • Eliminates costly hardware and the need for IT staff and support.
  • Our project managers coordinate with all EMR and LIS vendors on your behalf.
  • Compendium management expertise and translation service assistance.
  • Lifepoint’s 24/7 support center provides monitoring for every live Interface.
  • Real time EMR interface dashboard available for audit tracking and monitoring.
  • Our 24/7 Customer call service center is provided at no additional cost.

Ignite your clinical data interoperability with this leading edge solution from Lifepoint Informatics which uses the innovative FHIR® modeling framework. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ( is a next generation standards framework created by HL7 powers communications API.

Fueled by FHIR, Lifepoint’s solutions combine the best features of HL7’s Version 2, Version 3 and CDA® product lines while leveraging the latest web standards to maximize interoperability, and applying a tight focus on implementability. We can help you simplify implementation, while preserving data integrity. Your data will be available, discoverable and understandable, while maintaining structure and standardization.

Lifepoint Informatics’ Provider Web Portal lets you access the most current lab and diagnostic data anytime, from anywhere you have internet connectivity. Built on a secure, unified workflow platform, the web-based physician portal is interactive and easy to navigate and it is also ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use.

Layered on top of existing data structures, this cost-effective provider web portal solution works together with your organization’s existing medical record information systems to deliver a complete healthcare picture. We leverage your current infrastructure and optimize your existing investment without the cost of replacing it.

Brand your provider web portal with your lab’s or hospital’s logo and color scheme for improved marketplace visibility and brand identity. The provider web portal can process clinical lab data, pathology, radiology, microbiology, AP, cytopathology and cardiology seamlessly via any web browser.

Lifepoint’s OutreachMD delivers real-time access to laboratory, pathology and diagnostic imaging results on your providers’ hand-held devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and other smartphones. With a built in notification system, referring physicians will receive critical value alerts on the go. Conveniently configurable filters allow physicians to personalize screen information to their own preference.

Mobile OutreachMD Key Features:

  • Receive and review new lab results, AP reports, radiology reports, and clinical messages on mobile devices
  • Enhanced notification of options
  • Option to email or SMS alerts, stat, critical, and new results
  • Highlighted identification of abnormal results
  • Secure log-in for mobile app
  • Dynamic inbox for filtering results
  • Graph or flow sheet for trending results
  • Capability to add annotations to results
  • Review lab, cardiology and diagnostic imaging results summaries and the final report
  • Review historical lab and diagnostic results in mobile app

Lifepoint offers CPOE Connect, an easy to integrate EHR plug-in solution for lab order entry. Lifepoint CPOE Connect requires no retooling or modification to your EHR software and can greatly reduce existing CPOE development costs.


  • Integrated through SSO and web services
  • ABN generation with pricing
  • Validates demographics at point of care
  • Enables episodic order association
  • Direct HL7 Interfaces to LIS/RIS/HIS vendors
  • Advanced PDF 417 symbology for 2D barcoded interfaces
  • Split requisition logic based on insurances
  • Manifest list, pending orders list
  • Specimen labeling capability
  • Instrument ready bar codes
  • AOE (Ask at Order Entry) question support
  • Rules based order routing
  • Medical necessity checking with frequency coverage
  • Results reporting

TruPrint offers you and your customers the flexibility to print lab result reports and labels customized for any lab or medical practice’s specific workflow.

Plus, you have the confidence of knowing that a Lifepoint Informatics administrator will be monitoring all print devices and alert you when there is a problem or device failure.

TruPrint gives your customers the flexibility to select the print option that works best for their practice. For example:

  • Automatically print reports when they are delivered
  • Print reports on-demand to any printer at any location connected via TruPrint
  • Automatically print reports in a batch at a convenient time
  • Print abnormal, alert and/or STAT results in a specially designated workflow

Through an easy to use barcode scan, Lifepoint’s Puncture APP enables patients to easily check-in at Patient Service Center (PSC) kiosks. A phlebotomist login streamlines the sample collection process and releases orders to your laboratory.


  • Kiosk patient check-in with barcode or patient look-up
  • Email notifications & reminders to patients
  • Instant Insurance eligibility verification
  • Easy to find co-pay information
  • Seamless integration to any LIS system via API or HL7
  • Phlebotomist app for worklist-based collection

Instant Access to Lab Test Results

Give your patients a HIPAA compliant and secure way to view their laboratory test results 24-7 on any web browser or device. Patients can independently register without the laboratory staff’s intervention. When results are published patients receive instant notifications of new results. Patients can download, print or share any clinical reports.

Integrate any patient monitoring device such as Cardiology Devices, Glucose meters, Continuous surveillance monitors, Blood oxygen levels and any other devise directly to the physician EMR/EHR.

Lifepoint is able to extrapolate patient data and seamlessly deliver it to the referring medical record system or into Lifepoint’s provider portal. Data sent from any remote monitoring device can be delivered to Lifepoint’s secure App on your smart phone, smart watch, or iPad.


  • Provide physicians with critical and accurate information
  • Works with any Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Interface with any EMR system
  • Streamline clinician workflow 
  • Intelligent alerts for abnormal arrhythmias
  • Track information throughout the complete case study

Leadership Team

William Seay

Chief Executive Officer

William Seay founded Lifepoint Informatics and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, he directs the company’s development and growth in the rapidly expanding health IT sector. Prior to founding Lifepoint Informatics, William managed sales and marketing efforts for Clinical Diagnostic Services, a New Jersey medical laboratory that was merged into Quest Diagnostics. He also served in various capacities at Gramercy Laboratory, a New York anatomic pathology and cytopathology lab. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, William possesses the extensive knowledge and practical experience to ensure that Lifepoint continually provides the most effective healthcare IT solutions and services to its customers, in an evolving and growing market.

Erik McHugh

Chief Information Officer

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare IT, Erik possesses extensive and proven expertise in the design and delivery of first class healthcare software and technology solutions. As Chief Information Officer, Erik develops and administers the company’s computing and information technology strategies and solutions, and oversees all aspects of software development. Erik manages the company’s data security, risk mitigation, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning efforts. Erik joined Lifepoint in 1999 and previously held the positions of Web Developer, Network Administrator, and VP of Network Operations at the company. Prior to Lifepoint Informatics, Erik was the Senior Systems Analyst at the New York City area reference laboratory Clinical Diagnostic Services.

Anthony Mayzun

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Mayzun, Lifepoint’s Chief Financial Officer, joined the company in early 2009. Anthony brings to Lifepoint well-rounded business skills through diverse industry experience in public accounting, federal government, engineering, construction, manufacturing and distribution. He has over 25 years of experience having held positions of Chief Financial Officer and Vice President at companies with $10 million to over $600 million in revenue. Anthony is a hands-on financial, accounting and administrative professional with a demonstrated track record of managing companies to be lean, efficient and profitable. He possesses extensive knowledge of accounting systems and has audited over 60 companies and implemented improved systems at 18 companies. As Chief Financial Officer, Anthony is responsible for creating and maintaining all financial, accounting, cost accounting, human resources, and project control systems.

Vincent Gryscavage

Senior Vice President of Sales

As Sr. Vice President of Sales with Lifepoint, Vincent works with hospitals and medical laboratories around the country to promote Lifepoint Informatics’ technical services array. Vincent joined the Lifepoint team over thirteen years ago and is continually involved in marketing, formation and monitoring of company growth as well as creating business alliances and working with existing customers. Vincent comes to Lifepoint with over 25 years experience in the healthcare sector, serving in a directorship capacity with various IT companies and medical laboratories in California and Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from LaSalle University and has experience on many levels of sales and management.

Patrick Schaffer

Vice President of Information Technology

Patrick joined Lifepoint Informatics in 2002 and was one of the primary developers of many of the current Lifepoint Informatics applications. As Vice President of Information Technology, he manages all EMR/LIS/RIS/HIT projects between Lifepoint Informatics, clients and physicians’ offices. Also, managing all LIS personnel for day to day issues, R&D projects, enhancement updates and software maintenance. Prior to joining the company, Patrick was a senior software engineer at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, working in their Laboratory Information Systems department, developing and maintaining LIS projects. He was also Division Computer Manager for Pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic and has held positions at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the VA Hospital System. Patrick has over 30+ years of experience in healthcare and holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin.