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PAML, LLC, a healthcare solutions company with a focus on diagnostic testing, is located in Spokane, WA. It is owned by two of the country’s largest healthcare systems, Providence Health & Services (PH&S) and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI). One of the top reference laboratories in the country, PAML is also nationally recognized for their innovations in clinical diagnostics and is an industry leader in joint venture partnerships with community-based hospitals.

PAML has built its reputation and leadership position by providing a full suite of healthcare solutions to meet the specific requirements of their clients. In addition, their expertise in developing cutting-edge laboratory management systems, including state-of-the-art automation and support services has made them highly regarded in the consulting field.

 PAML provides a comprehensive directory of services, including:

  • Reference Laboratory Services
  • Laboratory Outreach Program
    • Consulting services
    • Oversight and mentoring of hospital laboratory management
    • Management of hospital laboratories
  • Business Agreements Direct-to-Consumer Services
    • Part-owner
    • Joint venture partnership with the hospital

 Laboratory Outreach Program

Through innovative business structures, strategies, and initiatives that address the unique challenges of the evolving outreach lab market, PAML has succeeded in developing a nationally recognized Laboratory Outreach Program that partners’ with hospitals to grow their laboratory outreach business. The program includes a set of products and services that eliminate the barriers many hospital laboratories confront when trying to develop a successful outreach program. PAML’s knowledge of the outreach business and their ability to work hand-in-hand with the hospital laboratory, as their partner, will allow them to build a profitable laboratory outreach program that can compete effectively with commercial laboratories.

Consulting Services

With over half a century of experience in the medical laboratory industry, PAML has developed substantial expertise in all areas of hospital laboratory operations.  Their laboratory professionals are fluent in all facets of the business, with broad-based financial, operational, technical and regulatory knowledge.  If a hospital chooses to use PAML’s Laboratory Consulting and Management Services, a team of their seasoned experts will perform a comprehensive assessment of the hospital’s laboratory operations.  Once the PAML team has completed their assessment, they will provide the hospital with custom-tailored solutions for managing its laboratory operations.  Through a proven system developed by their laboratory staff, PAML can increase a laboratory’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

The content of consulting services can be customized to the client’s needs and focus of the facilities. For example, a focus on process improvement may include workflow analysis and techniques for streamlining processes, while a focus on financial improvement may include test cost analysis, evaluation of staff schedules vs. workload and review of supply purchases. PAML can also provide one- or two-day overview sessions on subjects such as Lean Lab overview for technologists, compliance basics and regulatory requirements aimed at non-technical personnel.

Our experts can work directly with a hospital’s employees to help them develop plans for implementing new processes and procedures. The progress and success of all processes that are implemented or changed are monitored with financial data and statistics provided through the laboratory and hospital’s information systems.


Oversight and Mentoring of Hospital Laboratory Management

In some cases, a hospital manager may be a new or recently promoted technologist that needs lab-specific management training. PAML can provide training and mentoring that covers budget development, tracking performance and productivity, documentation for accreditation, and developing quality assurance programs. All of these functions are critical to laboratory operations, but usually unavailable in the traditional hospital management training. PAML’s expertise in these and other subjects can reduce the time it takes for the lab manager to become effective. After initial on-site visits, mentoring can take place in person or through teleconferencing.

For both Consulting Services and Oversight, the PAML expert directs the activities of the laboratory team to ensure that the department meets the overall objectives and key indicators that are aligned with hospital or facility goals, and communicates the status of the activities to the hospital or facility administration.

 Management of Hospital Laboratory

With a Hospital Management Agreement, PAML can take on the responsibility for oversight of hospital’s laboratory operations. Under this agreement, the Laboratory Manager/Director would be a PAML employee, and all other lab employees would remain employees of the hospital. PAML will manage the hospital lab to insure it meets licensing accreditation and Medicare conditions, complies with applicable laws, and meets financial and productivity expectations of the hospital. The Laboratory Manager/Director will monitor the efficiency and quality of the lab and the testing performed using mutually acceptable benchmarks. PAML will provide the hospital with regular reports of key indicators and improvements.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture outreach program can be formed between PAML and your hospital. The joint venture will provide “community-based” clinical laboratory testing services in the outreach (non-patient) laboratory testing market. 80 to 85% of the testing requested by clients will be performed in the local hospital laboratory. Keeping these tests at the local hospital is what differentiates this joint venture outreach program from other national reference laboratories.

As the managing partner of the joint venture, PAML will provide the infrastructure and technology for all pre- and post- analytical components of laboratory testing.  This includes, but is not limited to: phlebotomy services, logistics management, customer support services, reporting, financial management, billing services and physician connectivity.

Benefits to your lab:

• Improved patient care and satisfaction

• Access to industry knowledge and expertise

• Professional development of lab management staff

• Optimized operations and efficiencies

• Cost savings