Increasing understanding of the genetic basis of an individual’s response to drugs, including how and how quickly a drug is metabolized (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), has opened the door to an increasingly personalized approach to drug prescription. By identifying drugs most likely to benefit a patient, assessing the likely dose response, potentially avoiding adverse reactions, and reducing unnecessary use of drugs,  pharmacogenomics testing (PgX) is helping to optimize treatment and reduce costs associated with complications or inappropriate utilization.

As research demonstrating the clinical utility and associated health economics benefits of PgX grows—along with the increasing trends toward value-based healthcare—PgX is on the path to becoming the standard of care. This demand for PgX presents a tremendous opportunity for clinical laboratories, many of which have already over the last few years successfully launched PgX services, and enjoyed robust growth.

The Dark Report is pleased to offer a FREE White Paper containing indispensable insights and key observations gleaned from an expert panel of lab directors and consultants at leading laboratories, in order to provide clinical lab managers the latest information on industry trends, best practices and guidance for labs looking to tap into the latest, most relevant, and potentially successful PgX opportunities.

This FREE White Paper addresses:

  • Why the long-term outlook for PgX is still favorable, even given recent setbacks
  • Clinical specialties most likely to order PgX and how to forge successful relationships with these physicians
  • Benchmarks for providing top-quality PgX results to physician clients
  • Workflow parameters to consider as your lab looks toward expanding its PgX testing capabilities and improving relevant throughput
  • How to reduce unknowns regarding the demonstration of medical necessity and address reimbursement risk
  • Actionable tips for labs just getting started with a PgX practice
  • What lies ahead for PgX and key recommendations for preparing your lab

Chapter 1:
The Changing Economics of Pharmacogenomics (PgX)

Chapter 2:
The Critical Relationship Between Labs and Practitioners

Chapter 3:
Clinical Labs and PgX: Quality and Best Practices are The Goal

Chapter 4:
How Automation of DNA Extraction Reduces Error and Improves Efficiency

Chapter 5:
Why Medical Necessity and Actionable Results are Key to Reimbursement

Chapter 6:
Getting Started: The Elements of a PgX Practice for Pathologists and PhDs

Chapter 7:
Conclusion: What Lies Ahead for PgXConclusion

Ongoing discoveries and advancing technologies are creating rich opportunities for the establishment and expansion of PgX services, and will continue to do so. Expertise such as this that is beyond traditional lab medicine is crucial to the future success of your laboratory.

If you are a laboratory manager or executive, it is essential that you learn more about the growing opportunities associated with PgX services—and this White Paper can provide essential information to guide you regarding the key elements of a PgX practice.

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