Dark Daily 365

What is DARK Daily 365? It’s a powerful three-part system designed to supercharge your lead generation efforts for 12 full months! With DARK Daily 365, you get an integrated and trackable 365-day multimedia plan!

DARK Daily 365 offers all these benefits, and more:

Access to key influencers in the clinical laboratory and pathology industry

Visibility, awareness, and added brand exposure of your product or service

Ability to position your organization’s experts as industry thought leaders

Unparalleled opportunity for new lead generation


DARK Daily 365 program description:

Part 1: The DARK Daily White Paper

DARK Daily 365 creates and markets a custom White Paper for your company on a product or service that is of keen interest to the laboratory industry. One of the best ways to influence buying decisions and get leads for your business, the White Paper is ideal for those prospects who are in the early- to middle-stages of the customer journey.

Our editorial staff works with you to develop the White Paper, using client-approved sources, with the goal of providing no fewer than 700 qualified leads over the course of a 12-month marketing cycle.

Part 2: The DARK Daily Sponsored Webinar

DARK Daily 365 creates and markets an interactive live webinar, offered free to qualified attendees. The DARK Daily Sponsored Webinar— a flexible, scalable, and geographically-friendly marketing channel— allows you to communicate your message to dozens of participants in real time, as we collect for you leads from the live program. The recorded webinar is then posted as a free download and marketed to our lists in order to capture additional leads.

We work with you to build  the webinar speaker roster, and assist in all aspects of program production.

Part 3: Benefactor Sponsorship Level at Executive War College and Lab Quality Confab

With a Benefactor Sponsorship at our next annual Executive War College and Lab Quality Confab, your company enjoys a prominent presence, and puts its best foot forward to the laboratory and pathology industry’s top decision-makers at the most widely-recognized conferences in the field.

Your participation as a benefactor at these two conferences includes all of the following: your logo on our marketing brochure, conference website, handbook, and at the event registration desk; two full-page color ads in the event guide, premium client meetings, literature table, press release and podium acknowledgements, and post-attendee lists.

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