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Orchard Software is strategically committed to providing superior laboratory information systems and support to aid the laboratory as it fulfills its role in delivering diagnostic information to improve patient care. The scalability and flexibility of our systems facilitate an advanced level of configurability that enables us to support a diverse client base, including multi-specialty clinics and physician offices, hospitals, reference labs, fertility clinics, veterinary labs, universities, toxicology and pain clinics, research laboratories, public health organizations, nursing homes, and more.

The input from our diverse user base drives the continuous development of our products and helps us improve and enhance our systems to provide the broadest set of features equipped to handle a variety of laboratory workflows and business situations.

Orchard’s products include laboratory information systems for clinical and anatomic pathology, outreach, point-of-care testing, and PPID. All of Orchard’s lab system solutions may be deployed in an Orchard Cloud Services environment.

Orchard is an expert in integration and has developed hundreds of laboratory analyzer and host system interfaces. Orchard is committed to developing, installing, and supporting the very best laboratory information system applications. We are recognized within the industry for our success and customer dedication.


○ Comprehensive customized reporting that the is easy to understand

○ Advanced technology through the revenue cycle process

○ Proven experts in managed care contracting

  • Advanced quality metrics, including data mining on demand, active TAT monitoring, and support for laboratory stewardship
  • Superior workflow management, including tools to organize laboratory workflow and maximize reimbursement, sample tracking, QC support, rules-based decision-support, and flexible reporting options
  • Expert integration and connectivity, including HL7 knowledge
  • Tools to support specialized laboratory environments
  • Support for: CPT, ICD-10, SNOMED CT codes, and user-defined billing rules
  • Advanced synoptics support, including discrete, structured data, required data input, and adaptable worksheet templates
  • Tailored patient reports and robust reporting options
  • Advanced audit logging
  • Efficient workflow management via workflow tools and lab-administered system configuration with built-in patient safety
  • Superior lab networking and outreach capabilities
  • Auditable specimen tracking from collection to reporting
  • Extensive configurable advanced security options
  • Flexible cloud-hosted options available


Orchard Harvest Laboratory Information System
Orchard® Harvest™ is a laboratory information system (LIS) that maximizes process automation and decision-support technology to improve the efficiency of laboratory workflow, reduce errors, and increase the value of laboratory services to providers and patients. System integration and analyzer interfacing facilitate the automatic flow of data. Our flagship LIS product provides superior tools and technology to promote laboratory stewardship and showcase your organization’s contribution to patient care.

Orchard Trellis/Orchard Point-of-Care Testing
Orchard® Trellis™ is an advanced point-of-care testing (POCT) data management and integration software solution that provides remote administration of all POCT activities across multiple locations, including device and operator competency assessment tracking. It transmits POCT results to the LIS and EHR, reducing manual entry errors and automating POCT billing. Trellis offers a high level of flexibility in its implementation for various POCT scenarios that enable your POCT program to help providers make faster clinical decisions, include POCT results in analytics, and promote patient satisfaction.

Orchard Pathology
Orchard® Pathology is a comprehensive diagnostic information system that offers the benefits of electronic record-keeping, rules-based decision-making, tools for improved patient safety, and result integration from all laboratory departments. ​Clinical and pathology data share the same database, where data is stored in discrete fields to support synoptic reporting, data mining, and analytics.

Orchard Sequoia/Orchard Enterprise LIS
Orchard® Sequoia™ is an enterprise-class laboratory information system that incorporates advanced tools and decision support to measure performance, improve productivity, and generate valuable business analytics. We designed Sequoia to support high-volume, complex laboratories. Our in-house development team works tirelessly to incorporate diagnostic innovations in pace with the changes in healthcare.

Orchard Copia/Orchard Outreach
Orchard® Copia® is a SQL-based lab/EHR integration engine that is geared for complex outreach business scenarios, such as those found in hospitals and independent reference laboratories serving multiple business entities. Copia is designed to increase your lab’s marketability by providing easy access and direct integration to your clients’ EHRs, including the ability to build your own EHR interfaces. Copia can provide networking that simplifies the integration of multiple sites within complex integrated care networks.


Northwest Alabama Cancer Center Moves Harvest LIS To the Cloud
Faced with impending costs to replace aging hardware and limited staff for IT support, Northwest Alabama Cancer Center decided to invest in Orchard’s cloud-based laboratory information system. This testimonial highlights their experience transitioning to the cloud as an example for other laboratories that may have a similar situation and are interested in the benefits that Orchard Cloud Services can provide. https://info.orchardsoft.com/rs/963-IJS-488/images/OrchardSoftware_NWACC_Testimonial.pdf

Washington Health Systems Uses Orchard Trellis to Centralize Point-of-Care Testing Oversight
Washington Health Systems (WHS) implements Trellis to centralize its Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) program management, and improve their laboratory’s productivity, integration, and patient safety. In a decade-plus partnership, Orchard and WHS collaborate to maximize the value that POCT can contribute to improving patient outcomes. https://info.orchardsoft.com/rs/963-IJS-488/images/OrchardSoftware_WashingtonHospital_CaseStudy.pdf

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October 2020 – Orchard Software Announces Amazon Web Service-based Cloud Services Solution for Its Orchard Harvest Customers : https://www.orchardsoft.com/uploads/1/1/0/0/110028521/osc-press-release-nw-alabama-go-live-aws.pdf

September 2020 – Orchard Software announces the availability of the Orchard Point-of-Care Testing Network to provide connectivity and management for point-of-care testing, including COVID-19 : https://www.orchardsoft.com/uploads/1/1/0/0/110028521/osc-press-release-osc-poct-network.pdf

June 2020 – Orchard Software Offers a COVID-19 University Testing Software Solution to Help Universities Bring Students and Faculty Back to Campus Safely : https://www.orchardsoft.com/uploads/1/1/0/0/110028521/osc-press-release_covid-offering-for-univ_purdue_2020-06-16_final.pdf


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Orchard’s Management Team

Billie Whitehurst, Chief Executive Officer, joined Orchard in October 2019 as CEO. Billie has successfully led large- and medium-size companies in the private and public market, and has a proven track record driving innovation, generating rapid growth, and improving profitability for emerging growth companies. She brings more than 20 years of leadership and execution experience in healthcare, most recently serving in senior leadership roles at Netsmart, Change Healthcare, and McKesson. Billie holds bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and nursing, a master’s degree in healthcare administration, and was named to the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT by Health Data Management in 2019.

Curt Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer, is a laboratory industry veteran of more than 20 years. Curt was Orchard Software’s fifth employee and has been involved in the sales and marketing of Orchard laboratory information systems since he started with the company in 1995. He later served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and later as Chief Operating Officer. In his current role as Chief Commercial Officer, his efforts are focused on strengthening customer loyalty by maintaining an organization whose focus is the customer. Before coming to Orchard, Curt had a successful sales career with Abbott Laboratories from 1988-1995 selling diagnostic equipment.

Eric Doan, Chief Financial Officer, joined Orchard in April 2020. Eric previously held Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer positions in private equity-backed companies, most recently as CFO at Edmentum, CFO at myON by Renaissance, and COO at Jump Technologies. For most of Eric’s career, he has been involved with private equity-backed healthcare companies that focus on software solutions. Eric has over 20 years of financial and operational experience and a proven track record of creating an effective environment for organizational growth, new solution development, and customer success.

Matt Modleski, Executive Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, is responsible for strengthening our corporate relationships and bringing additional value through new business opportunities at Orchard Software. His experience and relationships across the healthcare industry make these responsibilities a natural fit in his role. Matt led the operation of more than 70 physician practices and was a key member of the team working to integrate American Health Network (AHN) with its new partner, Optum Health. Prior to his work in healthcare sales and marketing, Modleski was an accomplished pilot moving up through the ranks in the U.S. Air Force.

David Bracewell, Vice President of Operations, joined Orchard Software in June 1999 and installed systems throughout the United States. From 2002-2010, he was the Technical Support call center manager and responsible for Orchard’s internal corporate network and systems. In 2011, David became the Director of Technical Operations, which includes the Systems Integration and Interface team, call center, internal networks and systems, regulatory, and quality assurance. In 2014, David was promoted to Vice President of Operations. Prior to coming to Orchard Software, David managed laboratories for US Oncology for 10 years.

Keith McKinney, Vice President of Sales, joined Orchard in 1998 and sold Orchard systems throughout the central United States until 2009, when he was promoted to Senior Marketing Product Manager. In March 2011, Keith became the Director of Sales for Orchard. In 2014, Keith was promoted to Vice President of Sales. In this position, Keith is responsible for overseeing the sales of Orchard’s lab information systems. Keith is a certified Medical Technologist (ASCP) with 10 years of laboratory experience, as well as 10 years of experience in clinical diagnostic instrumentation sales and customer support.

Nancy Stoker, Vice President of Product Management, joined Orchard in 2003 as an Application Specialist. In her current position as Vice President of Product Management, Nancy oversees the Product Management and Documentation and Communication teams, which are responsible for new product design specifications, laboratory subject matter expertise, and sales support, as well as technical documentation and communication for products. Prior to joining Orchard, Nancy was the Director of Ancillary Services for a large, multi-specialty group practice and performed consulting work for other laboratories. In addition to her 20 years of laboratory and radiology management experience, Nancy is a certified Medical Technologist and Certified Product Manager.


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