3 Ways Labs Can Increase Revenue and Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

In an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape, laboratories must vie for a share of the nearly 6.1 billion clinical lab tests performed annually in the United States. As independent and hospital-based medical laboratories navigate against the headwinds of shrinking reimbursement levels, it is critical for your laboratory to strengthen relationships with current clientele and grow your client base.

Augmenting an Enterprise-Wide HIT System with a Best-of-Breed Anatomic Pathology LIS

The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper providing you with a detailed discussion on the considerations of investing in a best-of-breed anatomic pathology-specific laboratory information system, and the reasons why even a solid enterprise-wide EHR and/or LIS solution may be insufficient for the complexities of your anatomic pathology (AP) laboratory and its distinct needs in terms of workflow, data mining, imaging and results formats.

A CEO’s Guide to Doubling Profitability: Using Technology to Reduce Back-Office Costs

The ultimate goal of any commercial venture is to increase profitability. Significantly increasing overall profitability frequently requires substantial changes to a business (e.g., mergers/ acquisitions, in-licensing or developing new products, or divestiture of unprofitable business units). Building on earlier white papers in the CEO’s Guide series, this white paper will look at relatively benign changes that clinical laboratory management can undertake. Although less dramatic than other options, they can still result in a doubling of lab profitability.

A CEO’s Guide to Next Generation Revenue Cycle Management: What Service Providers Need to Know to Survive the Changing Diagnostic Healthcare Environment

Macroeconomic pressure, increased governance, organizational changes, and technological advances are driving pervasive and lasting changes in the fabric of the healthcare system. Because diagnostic services influence the majority of healthcare decisions, changes to healthcare are magnified in the diagnostic services segment. Failure to aggressively adapt to this dynamic environment can easily imperil diagnostic service providers.

A CEO’s Guide to Molecular Diagnostic Reimbursement: Navigating the Many Challenges of Reimbursement and Commercialization

Reimbursement and commercialization are significant challenges in this era of personalized medicine and comparative effectiveness. Many traditional clinical laboratories and early stage startup companies are trying to enter this space and are struggling to evaluate both the market and its offerings. According to Gene Tests, a publicly funded medical genetics information resource, the availability of new diagnostic tests increases 10% annually. However, there is a 20% increase in the utilization of genetic tests per year versus a 1% to 3% increase in non-genetic diagnostic tests per year.