Pathology and Radiology’s Combined Future is Now at KU: How Integrated Breast Cancer Diagnostics are Improving Patient Care

Disruptive Clinical Practice Model Ready for Widespread Adoption

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Ossama W. Tawfik Mark Redick Hafeez
Ossama Tawfik, M.D., PhD
Director of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology, The University of Kansas Medical Center

Mark Redick, M.D., PhD Assistant Professor of Radiology, The University of Kansas Medical Center

Syed Hafeez (Moderator) Administrative Director, Providence Memorial Hospital

In a pioneering effort at The University of Kansas, a radiologist and a pathologist are working side by side to review each other’s primary images and issue a single, integrated diagnostic report for breast cancer patients. The big surprise from this groundbreaking collaboration is a measurable improvement in diagnostic accuracy, leading to improved patient outcomes.

If you’re a pathologist or radiologist, what does this mean for you? More than likely, it means a future of increased collaboration. Instead of separate clinical silos, pathologists and radiologists will work side by side, sharing each other’s primary images and producing a single, unified diagnostic report for clinicians.

To understand the benefits of a collaborative working relationship between pathologists and radiologists, join us on August 19, 2009 for a special audio conference that features two innovators-pathologist Ossama Tawfik, M.D. and radiologist Mark Redick, M.D.—both from The University of Kansas (KU). Targeting micro-calcifications in breast cancers, you’ll learn how, together, their reviews of the radiology and pathology images triggered significant revisions to the original diagnostic reports from each specialist.

Drs. Tawfik and Redick will share the genesis of their integrated diagnostic service. You’ll learn how they established their joint case-review protocols, and hear actual cases that will help you better understand the causes of discordance between the radiology and the pathology findings. Gain practical insights you can use in your own clinical practice.

Listen as Tawfik and Redick present their findings from the first population of breast cancer cases. After reviewing the images together, they made revisions to almost 33% of the original diagnoses reported by each specialist, which had been were based on each physician’s individual review of the primary images. This offers compelling evidence that an integrated clinical service improves diagnostic accuracy and contributes to improved patient outcomes.

In fact, after seeing this improved performance, the parent radiology and pathology groups at KU took steps to implement integrated, pathologist/radiologist side-by-side services in other diagnostic areas. These exciting developments are what make this audio conference a “must-attend” for every pathologist and radiologist concerned about diagnostic excellence.

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This 90-minute session is organized around three primary areas:

An overview of why this collaborative, side-by-side clinical service by pathologists and radiologists is an improvement over the current situation of each group working alone. Find out why discordance between reported imaging findings and histologic diagnosis often goes undetected, and how you can set aside the traditional silo mindset and foster the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between pathologist and radiologist.

The clinical challenges and opportunities of creating and implementing an integrated in vivo/in vitro diagnostic service. Our experts will help you better understand why inadequate sampling of a lesion goes undetected and how false negatives can delay diagnosis of malignancy.

And finally, you’ll learn the essential requirements for a successful integration of pathology and radiology diagnostics. This includes having radiology and pathology images available in a full fidelity/high resolution digital format, with simultaneous real-time visualization of both radiology and histologic images.

This audio conference is a unique opportunity to learn from two great radiology and pathology innovators. Listen on your own or assemble key team members so you can all listen together. Best of all, you can ask your own questions and get advice directly from our two experts. Their answers will be tailored to your specific needs. So don’t wait! Reserve your spot for this timely audio conference today! Get what you need to position your group practice at the leading edge of integrated vivo/in vitro diagnostics!


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For one low price—just $245—you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful audio conference.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this insightful 90-minute conference:

  • Best practices for collaboration between the radiology and pathology groups in your hospital and community.
  • How to pick the right clinical target for an integrated radiology/pathology diagnostic service.
  • The importance of digital imaging and teleconferencing when pathologists and radiologists are in separate locations.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when establishing an effective integrated diagnostic service.
  • How to identify where discordance happens when radiologists and pathologists work independently on the same case.
  • Cross-training requirements to help pathologists and radiologists better understand how to read each other’s primary images.
  • How to find the time and space to conduct joint case evaluations: surprising solutions.
  • How to track improvements in diagnostic precision and measure the resulting gains in patient outcomes.
  • Why clinicians like the integrated imaging/histopathology diagnosis, and how to market the shared clinical service to generate more case referrals—and revenue!

…and much more!

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Your audio conference registration includes:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speakers
  • A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference

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Distinguished Faculty:

Ossama W. Tawfik

Ossama W. Tawfik

Ossama Tawfik, M.D., PhD is Professor and Vice Chairman for Education and Outreach at the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine at The University of Kansas Medical Center. He also serves as director of anatomic and surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry and image analysis laboratories. He is in cytopathology in addition to surgical pathology and is well known for his focus on breast, gynecologic, urologic and prostate cancers. Dr. Tawfik received his doctorate of medicine from the faculty of medicine at the University of Cairo and his doctorate of philosophy in pathology from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic and clinical pathology and has received a board diplomate in cytopathology.

Mark Redick

Mark Redick

Mark Redick, M.D., PhD is Assistant Professor of Radiology at The University of Kansas Medical Center. He is a breast imager in the breast imaging section at The Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Care Center. Prior to coming to The University of Kansas two years ago, Dr. Redick spent 11 years in private practice, including seven years as clinical chair of radiology, and imaging director of the Center for Breast Care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Missouri. He received his M.D. and PhD degrees from The University of Kansas School of Medicine and completed his fellowship in breast imaging at the University of Indiana. Dr. Redick is also certified by the American Board of Radiology.

Syed Hafeez
Syed Hafeez

Syed Hafeez is Administrative Director for the Department of Pathology and Transfusion Medicine at Providence Memorial Hospital, Sierra Providence Health Network in Texas. He has been working in both administrative and clinical capacities as Director of Pathology and Transfusion Medicine departments in a hospital setting for past 20 years. Mr. Hafeez holds several board certifications as a Clinical Scientist/Medical Technologist in laboratory medicine, including one from the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP). He received my Master’s degree in Healthcare Management from University of New Orleans, School of Business and a Masters degree in Clinical Microbiology.

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