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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
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Meaningful Use: Phase 1 Lessons Learned and How to Prepare Your Lab for Phase 2 Requirements

Meaningful Use: Phase 1 Lessons Learned and How to Prepare Your Lab for Phase 2 Requirements

Integration strategies and steps to help increase your lab’s client base

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With Meaningful Use phase 2 criteria about to become effective, the nation’s clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups will soon be tasked by office-based physicians to help them use EMRs to qualify for federal incentive payments.

This second tidal wave of EMR adoption by office-based physicians is both a problem and an opportunity for clinical laboratories and pathology groups. It is a problem because many labs continue to be overwhelmed by physician requests to help them implement EMRs and qualify for phase 1 criteria.

It’s an opportunity because Meaningful Use phase 2 criteria raises the bar for how physicians must electronically interface with laboratories, particularly for lab-test ordering and lab test results reporting. Labs that “get it right” can win new clients while labs that can’t deliver face the risk of losing some of their best-referring physician-clients.

By now, nine months after the Meaningful Use phase 1 criteria became effective, most labs have some experience developing the required electronic two-way interface between their laboratory information systems (LIS) and the new EMRs installed by physician-clients.

Now clinical labs and pathology groups are about to face a totally new set of challenges as phase 2 of meaningful use soon kicks in. That makes it essential that you prepare your lab for these next steps. Physicians adopting EMRs will soon ask even more of laboratories in the way of IT integration.

Here’s your opportunity to gain a better understanding of the status of phase-1 implementation and find out what you can expect from the fast-approaching phase 2 when you join The Dark Report and for their latest audio conference, “Meaningful Use: Phase 1 Lessons Learned and How to Prepare Your Lab for Phase 2 Requirements” held on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

You’ll learn from two leading experts why changes to EMR Meaningful Use requirements will affect the way labs must integrate with the EMRs of office-based physicians. Listen as our experts reveal what they’ve learned about integrating labs to the new EMRs in phase 1.

Not only will you get valuable updates on the latest Meaningful Use requirements during this audio conference, but you’ll also acquire tactics for dealing with them successfully.

First to speak will be Pat Wolfram, of Ignis Systems who’s an expert in both EMR systems and how these systems handle lab test data—including placing electronic lab-test orders and accepting structured lab test results into patient records.

Wolfram will give you a better understanding of the specific EMR products being adopted by physicians in your area. You’ll learn about their strengths and weaknesses, particularly when it comes to supporting electronic ordering of lab tests and reporting results. You’ll also get a valuable preview of the newest generation of EMR products now coming to market.

Most important, you’ll get a roadmap for crafting a strategy that will help your laboratory implement an interface between the LIS and the EMR to deliver clean, complete electronic test orders to your lab, which will help your valued physician-clients meet both phase 1 and phase 2 critera.

Our second speaker, Robert D. Atlas of Atlas Development Corporation, has considerable experience in web-browser-based services that support lab test orders/reporting by physicians. Atlas will help you understand the current state of the marketplace-and the mix of informatics capabilities your lab should be ready to deliver to high-referring office-based physicians.

Find out why to expect the unexpected—and what specific action steps your lab should take to gain competitive advantage and use your LIS-to-EMR strengths to win profitable new business.

Whether you’re a lab administrator, pathologist, or industry consultant, you need to stay on top of these significant changes involving Meaningful Use and LIS-to-EMR interfaces.

Register today to guarantee your place at this essential learning session.

Don’t lose your physicians to competing labs! Make sure you can deliver an effective LIS-to-EMR interface right now by registering for this very timely audio conference today. Don’t forget that your entire lab and IT team can learn and participate when you register.


COST: $245 per audio recording

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For one low price-just $245- you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful audio conference. Best of all, you’ll be able to connect personally with our speakers when we open up the phone lines for live Q&A.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this in-depth 90-minute audio conference:

o The changes expected from Meaningful Use phase 2 criteria and why your lab needs to be ready.

o Lessons from Meaningful Use phase 1—what works best for labs when helping physicians adopt EMRs.

o Why even certified EMRs fall short of doing a good job handling structured lab tests results.

o Fast, cheap, and effective methods your lab can use to connect to physician EMRs and deliver extraordinary customer service.

o How to recognize when your lab’s best clients are at risk during EMR implementation-and how to keep them happy.

o LOINC’s potential to help your lab deliver doctor-pleasing lab test order/results reporting capabilities.

o How to effectively integrate with current EMR systems.

o EMR Meaningful Use requirements and what they mean for your lab in phase 2.

o Which government programs can help with the public health reporting requirements.

o Why information technology is your lab’s trump card to become a key player in the emerging connected-care paradigm.

o Benefits of clean-order capture: the secrets of synchronizing orders from EMRs with results from the LIS so your lab captures a clean order, distributes the right result, files a clean claim, and gets paid on first submission.

o How to unleash the power of a robust rules engine and embedded web services order-entry platform in the physician’s EMR to enhance the clinician’s workflow while improving lab test utilization.

o How technological solutions can enhance lab capacity and improve functional capability without adding to lab IT staff.

…and much more!

How to Order Now:

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Your audio conference order includes:

  • A downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speaker
  • A full transcript emailed to you

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