How to Solve Your Lab’s Med-Tech Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Problems Now

Proven methods for achieving 100% of authorized staff in your lab,
plus unlocking the power of social networking t
o attract top med-tech talent

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Peggy McKee, CEO and Recruiter, PHC Consulting

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You may be surprised to learn that many hospital laboratories in the U.S. are struggling to attract adequate numbers of medical technologists (MTs) and clinical laboratory scientists (CLSs) simply because their advertising and staff-recruitment programs fail to reach their prospect pool! Gen X and Gen Y med techs don’t see most help-wanted ads because they’re using web-based sources to look for a job.

According to Peggy McKee, a national recruiter of med techs and other healthcare professionals, nearly all hospital labs fail to achieve desired staffing levels because they look for new hires in all the wrong places.

Don’t Use 1990s Med-Tech Recruiting Techniques in 2010

Today’s Gen X and Gen Y med techs are looking for jobs on the Internet. If your lab doesn’t have a social-networking strategy to support job recruitment, it’s a big reason why your recruiting programs fail to deliver the quality and quantity of MT candidates necessary to meet your lab’s staffing needs.

This fundamental change in how med techs access job-search information is likely why your hospital lab struggles to recruit, hire, and retain both the number and caliber of med techs it needs. Now you can learn from McKee about the current state of the med-tech job market and get the most up-to-date information on recent trends in MT compensation, benefit packages and retention.

Find out where and how to best deliver the information about your lab’s job opportunities when you join The Dark Report and Dark Daily for a very special audio conference, “How to Solve Your Lab’s Med-Tech Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Problems Now” that was held on November 16, 2010.

McKee provided a proven roadmap for Gen X and Gen Y med-tech recruitment that will position your lab’s message in all the right places. Instead of running a 1990s MT recruiting campaign, your lab can step into the 21st century and catch the attention of top MT candidates at that critical moment: when they’re looking for prime employment opportunities.

Use the Latest Trends in MT Compensation to Attract Top Producers

If you’re ready to shift your med-tech recruitment/retention program into high gear, then this is a “must-attend” event. Not only will you get the inside scoop on MT compensation trends, you’ll also hear which recruiting strategies are reeling in top-flight med-tech candidates for the nation’s most successful hospital laboratories.

Prepare for a cold dose of reality as McKee shows you how your HR department is actually putting up barriers that prevent the best MT candidates from learning about your job openings. She’ll then share lessons about which recruitment st rategies are working for the nation’s most successful hospital laboratories—and how you can use them in your lab.

McKee will introduce you to five new communication channels:

* Niche job boards
* Aggregators
* Social networks
* Blogs
* Continuous discussions

She’ll explain each concept, including easy steps your lab can take to tap into these powerful tools. Find out why it’s essential that your laboratory maintain a presence on key social networking sites, where web-savvy med techs and other laboratory scientists regularly go for career information and interesting new employment opportunities. When you experience the power of social networking, you’ll see just how much it improves your ability to attract, recruit, hire, and retain top-flight talent and gives your lab a competitive edge.

The Six Biggest Sins in MT Recruitment

McKee will identify the six biggest sins that work at cross-purposes to retaining and energizing your lab’s top MT performers. Is your lab guilty of all six? Astonishingly, McKee says that 99% of the nation’s hospital labs regularly commit most or all of them, which is why they continue to suffer unnecessary med-tech turnover—despite the fact that each problem is easily solved by following a few simple steps.

And always remember that the job market for med techs is exploding with opportunities outside clinical laboratories. Lab managers are often astonished to find that their most talented MTs are recruited away by the same IVD vendors who sell them analyzers. McKee has an answer to this problem—with a twist that nearly always retains your lab’s most treasured MT contributors.

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DATE: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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• Up-to-the minute details about trends in med-tech compensation and benefits.

• Retention: How to build incredible loyalty with your first-rank MTs and technical staff.

• Simple steps that can transform your MT retention program.

• How to recognize when your lab’s best workers are being recruited by other labs—and how you should respond.

• The importance of adding social networking to your MT recruiting efforts.

• Using, and other popular websites to put your message in front of MTs during their personal job search.

• Six reasons why your best med techs leave your lab.

• Ten strategies to boost the effectiveness of your lab’s MT recruiting, hiring, and retention.

•Why MT your lab’s help-wanted advertisements fail to reach your biggest potential pool of job candidates.

…plus much more!

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Distinguished Faculty:

Peggy McKee is CEO of PHC Recruiting. She is known nationwide as the “medical sales recruiter” and specializes in providing resources to organizations in the medical, biotech, life science and diagnostic industries. She has sold, marketed and managed in the clinical laboratory equipment and reagents arena for companies like Bio-Rad Laboratories and Chiron Diagnostics (now a part of Siemens). In 1999, McKee founded PHC Consulting and has been providing top talent to some of the most prominent high-growth companies in the medical and laboratory products industries for close to a decade. She was recently named one of 2009’s “Most Influential Online Recruiters” by the HR Examiner. Her laboratory background, industry experience and recruiting expertise are especially valuable to organizations that want to attract and retain top talent for a competitive market position. McKee has a BS in Chemistry and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.

P.S. Want to learn more about Peggy McKee before the November 16th audio conference? Check out the October 2010 issue of CAP Today magazine.She’s featured on the front page in a story about her med-tech recruiting strategies titled “Social media in labs—hook, line, and sinker.” After reading this story, be sure to register to hear her at the November 16 Dark Report audio conference.

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