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As reimbursement for digital pathology services starts to potentially become a reality, more hospital, clinical laboratory, and reference lab leaders will explore the technology.

Do you know where to start with implementing a digital pathology program for your hospital, health system, or independent pathology group to make the best use of your budget? “Digital Pathology Implementation Strategies,hosted by Dark Daily and sponsored by Hamamatsu, aired May 10, 2023, and is now available for free streaming.

Pathologists, hospital executives, and lab leaders need help cutting through frequently published news and commentary about digital pathology. They will find this new webinar practical and incisive for gaining a foothold on what to do for digital pathology should regulatory and reimbursement decisions rapidly evolve in favor of greater digital pathology adoption in the U.S.

Pathology is in a time of rapid change. Use this free, 60-minute Dark Daily webinar as a practical update and an essential tool.

Meet the Experts

Dean Wallace, MD, Professor of Pathology, Keck School of Medicine W. Dean Wallace, MD, is a Professor of Pathology at the Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California (USC). Dr. Wallace’s ongoing work in informatics and digital pathology includes collaborative efforts in radiology and pathology correlation and implementation of digital pathology into standard pathology practice workflows. Other areas of research include creation of novel pathology staining techniques using machine learning technology.

Orly Ardon, PhD, MBA, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Orly Ardon, PhD, MBA, is the Director of Digital Pathology Operations at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Pathology Department and the Scientific Operations Investigator at the Warren Alpert Center for Digital and Computational Pathology. Dr. Ardon is leading the digital scanning team and operations of the different scanning initiatives and collaborations at MSKCC. Her research interests include digital pathology technologies, laboratory process improvements, and healthcare economics.

Key Learnings

• Understand key workflow aspects of the components needed in a digital pathology service
• Gain an understanding of common limitations of commercial digital pathology products
• Clarify how to structure your digital pathology implementation team
• Learn a goal-based approach to develop your business case for digital pathology implementation in hospitals, health systems, and independent pathology groups

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