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Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital LaboratoryThe menu of diagnostics, medications, and treatments available to us as healthcare providers is continually expanding. This creates more choices and decisions for the entire staff—from practitioners, to laboratory technicians, to IT personnel. Electronic health records (EHRs), originally intended to organize options and lighten information overload for both patient and provider, have evolved into sophisticated multi-featured tools, supported by entire departments and strongly impacting (if not actually driving) clinician workflows.

At the intersection of the EHR and provider choice lies clinical decision support (CDS). The benefits of clinical decision support are particularly important for clinical laboratories, given the lab’s central role in most diagnoses and treatments. By harnessing evidence-based guidelines to optimize test utilization, laboratories can reduce costs and strengthen care. Labs using evidence-based CDS are also better positioned to manage financial risk in a value-based environment.

To assist clinical laboratories in understanding the requirements and risks involved when implementing a CDS system, DARK Daily is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper—“Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital Laboratory”—the second publication of a three-part White Paper series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare.

Providing valuable industry perspective, commentary, and insights on the role of decision support in building an effective laboratory stewardship program, this White Paper series also highlights case-study proof points developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic from early-adopter hospital laboratories—points that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to their value advantage.

Find these, and many more indispensable perspectives in this White Paper:

  • Gain insights into why the adoption of evidence-based clinical decision support has become increasingly essential to your laboratory’s success in today’s value-based environment
  • Understand the advantages of pursuing decision support solutions developed specifically for the clinical laboratory environment, and the challenges of developing your own CDS system from scratch
  • Looking for the right fit, and evaluating your lab’s requirements when researching a laboratory decision support system that’s the right fit for your organization
  • Choosing the laboratory decision support solution for your lab that demonstrates an infrastructure that will be effective and sustainable into the future
  • Learn why unless powerful analytics are developed to work in conjunction with your decision support system’s performance data, your platform’s value will be limited

White Paper Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Understanding Clinical Laboratory Stewardship and Clinical Decision Support in the New Value-Based Environment

Chapter 2:
Critical Factors for Determining Whether to Buy or Build Decision Support for the Hospital Laboratory

Chapter 3:
Monitoring and Measuring Laboratory Test Utilization: The Ongoing Tasks Required of an Effective Clinical Decision Support Platform


This white paper—part 2 of a three-part series— provides practical pearls on how a proven decision support solution and one that is a good fit for your lab can be the foundation of an effective laboratory stewardship program, and can greatly assist in controlling utilization and meeting the challenges of value-based care. As well, the paper also clearly explains the points for “buy versus build” laboratory decision support.

Choosing the right decision support solution will empower your lab and hospital leaders, clinicians, and staff with more time to focus their core competencies on the provision of healthcare. Learn what you need to know by downloading your FREE copy of “Critical Factors for Launching a Clinical Decision Support System in the Hospital Laboratory” below.

Also available: the first publication in this three-part White Paper series, “Clinical Laboratories Under Pressure: Exploring Options to Re-establish Critical Relevancy and Maintain Independence.” Download it here.

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