Clinical Laboratories Under Pressure: Exploring Options to Re-establish Critical Relevancy and Maintain Independence

Powerful forces are reshaping the clinical laboratory industry, making 2020 a critical year as hospitals determine whether retaining the laboratory in-house or selling it is the better path.

Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, along with the development of new testing technologies are but a few of the factors that have changed the profile of the medical laboratory footprint across the U.S. And now, downward reimbursement reform combined with impending integration of clinical care, promise to again challenge the traditional laboratory service model in significant ways beyond 2020.

As a clinical laboratory leader, it is important for you to understand why selling the laboratory will not solve core problems like overutilization, low-value testing, inappropriate use of high-cost testing, and provider confusion over best test choice which can lead to irrelevant results and the need for a repeat study. Rather, when you take action to build value within your lab, the result is to sell significant change to the organization in the form of a reinvented, reinvigorated, test-optimized lab.

To assist clinical labs and their leaders in rationalizing the laboratory’s value and relevance in ways that support lab value plus appropriate and high-quality patient care, fiscal strength, and program integrity for payers, DARK Daily is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper—“Clinical Laboratories Under Pressure: Exploring Options to Re-establish Critical Relevancy and Maintain Independence”—the first publication of a three-part White Paper series developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Change Healthcare.

Providing rich industry perspective, commentary, and insights on the use and value of decision support in building an effective laboratory stewardship program, the paper also highlights case-study proof points developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic from early-adopter hospital laboratories—points that have successfully implemented third-party decision support to their value advantage.


This White Paper provides a concise discussion regarding:

  • Why establishing the relevance of the clinical laboratory is more important than ever before, especially with the integration of care delivery and the shift away from fee-for-service payments
  • How retaining the clinical lab and committing to effective stewardship through better laboratory test utilization can positively impact not only clinical outcomes and financial performance, but also the viability of the organization as a whole
  • Learn the three evidence-based categories of good stewardship—and the three critical stewardship functions you should integrate into your lab operations plan
  • Address clinical laboratory waste through stewardship: four core test utilization patterns to monitor in order to identify gaps in care, and to develop your own specific strategies to manage overall test utilization
  • Gain insights into stewardship strategies that have worked for other laboratories, and how they have been able to reduce per-patient per-day tests, manage inappropriate test ordering, more effectively utilize and redirect lab staff, and much more!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Industry Update: Commoditization of Common Tests Puts Clinical Laboratories
Under Pressure to Validate Value

Chapter 2: Critical Factors That Make Stewardship Work Toward Clinical Laboratory Value
and Value-Based Initiatives

Chapter 3: Addressing Clinical Laboratory Waste Through Stewardship: 4 Core Categories and Early Results



Increasing the clinical laboratory’s value to a hospital organization does not begin by reducing or selling the lab. Armed with the knowledge within this White Paper, you’ll learn how you can effectively transform your lab into a strategic unit that drives clinical and financial value for itself and for the organization it serves.

Learn more by downloading your FREE copy of “Clinical Laboratories Under Pressure: Exploring Options to Re-establish Critical Relevancy and Maintain Independencenow.

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