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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Special clinical laboratory manager training to take place in four cities this fall

Predictions are that clinical laboratories and pathology groups across the nation will face a growing and serious shortage of skilled managers during the next 24 months. There are two primary reasons why this acute shortage of capable lab managers is soon to develop.

First, the oldest baby boomers turn 65 in January and the long-awaited wave of retirements will begin. This means the most experienced staff members in the medical laboratory—managers at the bench level, the section, and the department—will vacate those positions of responsibility. As these managers depart, the lab loses their decades of experience, along with their invaluable organizational knowledge.

Second, tight budgets and understaffing of management ranks in the nation’s clinical laboratories and pathology groups over the past 10 years means that the existing pipeline of developing managers will be inadequate to replace the departing baby boomer managers. The failure of the lab industry to train adequate numbers of the most promising management talent over the past decade will have significant consequences in the coming years.

Management Training for Laboratory Leaders

Management Training Available for Promising Lab Leaders

It is for these reasons that a special clinical laboratory manager training workshop will be conducted in four cities this fall. Titled “Transforming Lab Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!”, it is two days of intensive training on the essential skills and knowledge needed to be a successful manager and leader in clinical and hospital laboratories of any size.

This useful two-day laboratory manager training workshop will be conducted by Jeff Smith, who provides leadership development for laboratory professionals at Slone Partners and teaches Titan Management University. Smith has extensive experience in developing laboratory managers at laboratory organizations such as Carilion Laboratories in Roanoke, Virginia.

Opportunities to learn basic, advanced, and sophisticated management methods that focus specifically on clinical and pathology laboratories have been almost non-existent during the past. This four-city workshop series fills that vacuum and offers laboratories a useful resource to advance the understanding, capability, and confidence of their most promising managers, administrators, and directors.

Four basic management areas will be taught over the two days of this workshop. The content includes:

  • First, an overview of culture; how managers can shape and transform culture; along with proven tools to achieve these outcomes.
  • Second, team dynamics; how to identify leaders in your lab; specific techniques for engaging these emerging leaders; effective ways to achieve greater productivity and improve staff harmony and morale.
  • Third, essentials of coaching; creating coaches among your lab’s most promising managers, how to unleash the power of coaching.
  • Fourth, the management and career development path, ranging from goal-setting and succession planning to sustaining the improved performance of your lab managers.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Lab Leaders and Laboratory Managers

To make every hospital laboratory’s training budget stretch farther, these information-packaged two-day lab manager training workshops will be conducted in four easy-to-reach cities. The city, hotel, and date are listed below:

  • October 12-13, 2010–Baltimore—at the Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport Hotel
  • October 26-27, 2010–San Francisco—at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Hotel
  • November 2-3, 2010–Chicago—at the DoubleTree Chicago O’Hare
  • November 16-17, 2010–Miami—at the Hilton Garden Inn Miami Airport Hotel

Ambitious laboratory managers and those promising “up and comers” will want to check out this opportunity to advance their management careers. It is recommended that they take initiative and ask their boss for authorization to register and attend. Such initiative is an essential trait that sets the leaders apart from the followers.

A smart boss wants lab managers committed to learning, willing to master new skills, and ready to take on expanded responsibilities. There is a business case to be made about every clinical lab and pathology group’s most promising management leaders should attend this highly-focused lab manager workshop. It is this type of investment in people which generates the biggest return in the laboratory and for the hospital!

Full details for the “Transforming Lab Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!” can be found at this link (or put this URL into your browser: There are substantial discounts for laboratories which want to send several members of their management team.

Reserve your place at this important lab manager training workshop. Space is limited, so it is important to register today.

Four Easy Ways to Register:

1. Register ONLINE

2. Call 800-560-6363. Our friendly staff can register you quickly and easily, as well as answer any questions you may have.

3. Fax this complete registration form to 512-264-0969

4. Mail the one page form with payment to:

THE DARK REPORT21806 Briarcliff Dr.
Spicewood, TX 78669

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Transforming Clinical Lab Middle Managers into Top-Performing Team Contributors!

Full PDF of Lab Manager Training Workshop with Agenda

Succession Planning Omission Will Dearly Cost Many Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups

Some of the management topics and skills to be taught include:

• New ways to engage your lab’s culture that turbocharge productivity and profits!

• Proven methods that motivate lab staff to achieve stretch goals on time and on budget!

• Charting your personal and organizational vision—setting a road map for success!

• Increase your lab’s productivity by improving the effectiveness of your lab’s middle managers!

• How to evaluate your team and identify the barriers to increased performance and profitability!

• Becoming the better coach: why it works and how to pick your best coaching candidates!

• Know your preferred leadership style and how to use it to motivate staff and improve teamwork!

• Simple steps to teach your managers better people-management skills.

• Succession planning essentials: prepare your lab for the coming wave of retiring managers and staff!

• Best ways to develop talented staff members with limited time and a barebones budget!

• Effective methods to retain top producers with a management career path they appreciate!

• Achieving the high-performance culture your lab: unleashing your managers’ creativity!

• Understand how to get the wrong people off your bus!

• Secrets to leading Baby Boomer’s, Gen-Xer’s, and Millennials!

• It’s all about vision: best ways to align your lab’s growth goals with your personal career path!

• Recognize your lab’s superstars and how energize them to greater achievement!