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3 Ways Labs Can Increase Revenue and Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

By revealing and overcoming challenges that are often overlooked amid day-to-day operational pressures, laboratory managers and executives can put their facilities on a path to delivering the best possible service, and boosting financial profitability.


cover-hc1-white-paper-increase-revenue-dsIn an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape, laboratories must vie for a share of the nearly 6.1 billion clinical lab tests performed annually in the United States. As independent and hospital-based medical laboratories navigate against the headwinds of shrinking reimbursement levels, it is critical for your laboratory to strengthen relationships with current clientele and grow your client base.

Indeed—providing superior, consistent service is essential to thriving in today’s healthcare environment, but often easier said than done. How can your laboratory overcome obstacles standing in the way of exceeding client expectations, while reducing costs and increasing revenue? The Dark Report is pleased to present this FREE White Paper, offering high-performance labs steps they can implement to take control of client relationships and optimize overall performance. This White Paper also provides real-world case studies on how leading healthcare organizations have used this information to reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in their markets.


Free White Paper


This FREE White Paper addresses these how-to’s:


    • Replace data silos with real-time intelligence to better address client needs and deliver personalized service
    • Equip staff with an effective framework for accountability, communication, and collaboration
    • Place Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) front and center, in order to reduce lost time, revenue, and opportunities
    • Achieve stronger retention rates and increased growth by creating a more transparent culture
    • Improve insight into critical accounts, in order to recognize downward trends in ample time to take proactive action
    • Resolve client issues quickly, thus freeing up staff to discover unmet needs that can translate to additional revenue
    • Expediently access and translate data into meaningful and actionable insights to deliver more value and build client relationships
    • Create a comprehensive snapshot of appropriate utilization practices, yielding huge savings potential and alleviating reimbursement concerns
    • Provide physician clients with the knowledge necessary to order the right tests and panels at the right time, resulting in a superior standard of patient care


Table of Contents:


Executive Summary 

Chapter 1: Eliminate Disparate Data Silos

Chapter 2: Reverse Delayed Issue Tracking

Chapter 3: Optimize Real-time Utilization Insight


A monumental shift is under way within the medical laboratory industry. Given today’s healthcare landscape, accurate testing is no longer enough for labs to remain competitive—fierce competition, falling reimbursement rates, and new quality-based care mandates make excellence in client service and long-term, profitable relationships essential to a laboratory’s survival.

If you are a laboratory manager or executive, this White Paper will provide the essential information you need for your lab to achieve the highest level of performance, generate and maintain strong, reliable client relations, and deliver superior, consistent service that bolsters relationships across the continuum of care.

Download your FREE copy of “3 Ways Labs Can Increase Revenue and Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace” now.

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