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Reality Check on the True Cost of Recurring Bad Quality in Your Lab—How to Find It, Fix It, and Sustain Major Cost Savings – February 21, at 1PM EST.

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Confronted with shrinking budgets and falling revenue, lab managers are doing the rational thing by putting more resources into cutting costs, improving staff productivity, and reducing errors. But many approaches to reducing a lab’s cost are band-aids—temporary ‘solutions’ to deeper problems that cost the lab big dollars, and which go unrecognized and unmeasured. Find out what may not be working in your lab, and hear from the experts the secrets of delivering high quality, while achieving significant cost savings!



Lucia M. Berte
Laboratories Made Better! P.C.
Broomfield, CO


Anne T. Daley
Daley Consulting, LLC
Phoenix, AZ

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Webinar on DVD
Boosting Revenue and Pathologist Income During 2017 with Creative Strategies for Pricing, Pathologist Productivity, and Market Share Growth 


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Probably the single biggest challenge confronting pathology group practices today is the need to protect revenue and increase the income of individual pathologists. Nearly every individual pathologist in the U.S. knows of a group in the region that, due to successive and big cuts in revenue, was forced to merge, go out of business, or convert its pathologists to employees of the local hospital.

This is why savvy pathology groups make managing revenue their number one priority. They know there are strategies that pathologists can use to expand market share, as well as to negotiate better prices with managed care companies. Paired with smart cost-cutting in the histology lab and professional practice, such steps can actually increase the personal income of pathologists in the group. These are the key themes of this all-new DarkDaily webinar—take action to position your pathology group for clinical and financial success in 2017—register now!

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Robert Tessier
Founder and Principal
HBP Financial Services Group, Ltd.
Woodbridge, CT

Josh Yelen
Vice Chairman for Administration
Department of Pathology
University of Miami
Miami, FL


22nd Executive War College
May 2-3, 2017 – Save Your Seat – Registration Today!

The nation’s largest and most respected laboratory management event, chock-full of essential insights and a full range of laboratory leadership and operational innovations you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Executive Leadership Development—Special mentor/mentoree workshops for you and your most promising young leaders, to accelerate their contributions to your lab’s clinical and financial success
  • Executive Roundtables for lab CFOs, CIOs, and Sales/Marketing Directors—Unique in the lab industry and valued by your peers for their candid discussions and practical information
  • The nation’s top producing laboratory sales professionals will be recognized for their achievements at our second annual
    National Lab Sales Excellence Awards

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CAP TODAY Featured a Story on the Dark Daily/ Dark Report December Webinar: Boosting Your Pathology Lab’s Revenue in 2016

Dark Daily‘s recent webinar is getting national coverage in CAP TODAY‘s December issue.  Mick Raich, President & CEO Vachette Pathology stated, “You have to be a good businessman,” he said. “We’ve been in a time where it was very lucrative to be in a medical practice. I think the changes taking place now are a little bit different than what we’ve seen over the last 10 years. There’s a concept you need to have of margin, and how much you can make per CPT code, and per episode of care.”

Read full article here or order webinar recording here


FREE SPECIAL EDITION WHITE PAPER: How Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Can Succeed in PharmacogenomicsNEW! White Paper How Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Can Succeed in Pharmacogenomics

Ongoing discoveries and advancing technologies are creating rich opportunities for the establishment and expansion of PgX services, and will continue to do so. Expertise such as this that is beyond traditional lab medicine is crucial to the future success of your laboratory.  If you are a laboratory manager or executive, it is essential that you learn more about the growing opportunities associated with PgX services—and this FREE White Paper can provide essential information to guide you regarding the key elements of a PgX practice.

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molecular-information-management-systems-mims-smallMolecular Information Management Systems (MIMS):  Pathologists are Using MIMS To Revolutionize Personalized and Predictive Medicine

Personalized medicine and predictive medicine have become a reality. As a result, your clinical diagnostic laboratory’s need for a molecular information management system (MIMS) will become increasingly important. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing a detailed discussion on the whys and hows of unlocking the potential of molecular diagnostics to the benefit of your laboratory, and the contributions it can make to patient care.

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3 Ways Labs Can Increase Revenue and Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

Providing superior, consistent service is essential to thriving in today’s healthcare environment. By revealing and overcoming challenges that are often overlooked amid day-to-day operational pressures, laboratory managers and executives can put their facilities on a path to delivering the best possible service, and boosting financial profitability. The Dark Report is pleased to present this FREE White Paper, offering high-performance labs actionable steps they take to exceed client expectations, while reducing costs and increasing revenue.  See all DarkDaily Free White Paper

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The Dark Report’s
Editor-in-Chief, Robert Michel was recently quoted in Forbes Magazine, referred to as “publisher of the highly regarded laboratory industry newsletter.”  The article, which appeared April 21, 2015, is entitled Inside The Scandal: Profit And Greed At An Embattled Laboratory Company and relates to Health Diagnostics Laboratory’s legal woes dating back to 2012.  Read the Forbes story here

Robert Michel of The Dark Report was quoted in Cardio Brief in a recent article on HDL called  Zombie Laboratory Company Sics Bill Collectors On Patients Promised Free Tests.

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