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Institute for Quality Management In Heathcare (IQMH)

Corporate Address
Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare
1500-393 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 1E6
877-323-9540 Toll Free
416-323-9540 Direct



About Us
The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) is dedicated to excellence in healthcare in order to promote patient safety and quality of care. We help healthcare organizations implement and develop their knowledge of quality management systems.

IQMH is a not-for-profit corporation wholly-owned by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) that offers proficiency testing, accreditation services, education and expertise in guideline development. We assist healthcare professionals in achieving high standards in quality management. In collaboration with its program provider, the Quality Management Program—Laboratory Services (QMP–LS), IQMH has over 35 years of expertise behind it.

Our History

Standing on a Firm Foundation
The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare was built with the expertise of the world-renowned Quality Management Program—Laboratory Services (QMP–LS). The program was founded by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) as the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program (LPTP) in recognition of the need for labs to have third-party oversight. QMP–LS has been assessing the quality of laboratories in Canada and abroad for 30 years. QMP–LS’ peer-based ISO 15189 accreditation and proficiency testing programs are an essential part of Ontario’s commitment to patient safety.

The OMA launched IQMH as a not-for-profit corporation in order to offer its accreditation, proficiency testing and educational services to other jurisdictions. IQMH is also dedicated to building partnerships in order to foster knowledge development and quality management in healthcare. QMP–LS’ External Quality Assessment (EQA) and Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA) divisions bring with them a long-standing tradition of excellence in quality management.

Executive Leadership

Dr. Gregory J. Flynn, Chief Executive Officer (LinkedIn)
As the Managing Director of the Quality Management Program—Laboratory Services (QMP–LS) since 2006, Dr. Flynn helped launch IQMH in order to offer QMP–LS services in other jurisdictions. Dr. Flynn served as the President of the Ontario Medical Association where he played a pivotal role in governance review and strategic planning. He has devoted much of his recent career to the improvement of quality in healthcare and was a member of the Provincial Advisory Group on Laboratory Reform. Dr. Flynn completed his pathology training in 1991.

Areas of Expertise


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