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Hoping to Become Heavyweights in Healthcare Big Data, IBM Watson Health Teams Up with Siemens Radiology and In Vitro Diagnostics Businesses

Hospitals with Lowest 30-Day Readmission Rates Succeed at Reducing Rates by Improving Care Coordination and Monitoring of Patients After Discharge

Community-based Medical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Likely to Profit from Growth of Provider-sponsored Health Plans

Cleveland Clinic Gives Patients Statewide 24/7 Access to Physicians through Smartphones, iPads, Tablets and Online: Will Telemedicine Also Involve Pathologists?

‘10 Disruptive Forces in Healthcare’ Provide Challenges for Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Forced to Respond to a Changing Marketplace

Clinical Pathology Labs Take Note: Death March for Fee-For-Service Payment Model Continues as Support for Change Gathers Steam

Healthcare Strategist Predicts that Skyrocketing Costs of Cancer Care May Soon Exceed the Value of New Medical Laboratory Tests and Therapeutic Drugs for Cancer

Two Lab Leaders Present Different Ways to Help Physicians Get Greater Value from Clinical Pathology Laboratory Testing

World’s Largest Genetic Study in Iceland Produced New Insights into Gene Function and Disease Predisposition that Could Lead to New Clinical Laboratory Tests

Development of Frozen Section Technology is Subject of Newspaper Story Highlighting the Value Pathology Brings to Medicine

Australian Researchers Develop Lens to Transform Smartphones into Microscopes with Enough Resolution to Diagnose Skin Cancers; Goal is to Improve Access to Microscopy in Developing Countries

Top 10 Rankings of EHR Market Share Put Epic First as Hospitals, Physicians, and Clinical Laboratories Make Progress on Interoperability

Public Hospital in Phoenix Slashes Patient Self-Pay Prices by 50% to Increase Hospital Price Transparency

St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital Improves Clinical Laboratory Test Utilization, LOS, and Patient Outcomes by Use of Cloud-based Business Intelligence System

HHS Office of the Inspector General Survey Reveals That Most Hospitals Ignore or Manipulate EHR Fraud Safeguards

Wireless Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Using MBANs Should Be on the Radar Screens of Pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Professionals

Digital PCR Poised to Give Traditional Real-Time PCR a Run for Its Money in Gene Sequencing and Development of New Medical Laboratory Tests

Across Canada, Clinical Pathology Laboratories Are Adopting Different Operational Models to Deliver More Value to Clinicians

Agreement on Use of Genetic Information from 61-Year-Old Cervical Cancer Cells Sets New Ethical Privacy Standards for Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Shopping for HealthCare Services Not Easy Due to Lack of Publicly Available Information on Quality and Value

Hospitals Generally Charge Self-pay Patients Top Price for Care, but Some Providers Now Offer Deep Discounts for Patients Who Pay with Cash

Two Different Point-of-Care Test Devices for Malaria Show Why Emerging Technologies Can Be Disruptive to Clinical Pathology Laboratories

University of Michigan Study Predicts that Majority of Physician Practices Will Lose Money on their EHR Systems

California Patient Gets Outrageous Clinical Pathology Laboratory Test Bill from Napa Hospital, Almost 10 Times Higher Than Similar Testing from Quest Diagnostics

Medicare Officials Raise Issue of Fraud as Greater Use of Electronic Health Records Increases the Number of Claims Upcoded to More Complex CPT Codes

Researchers at Stanford University and Intel Develop Silicon Microarray Chip Capable of Producing Clinical Pathology Laboratory Test Results in Minutes

Decline in Physician-Owned Independent Practices Means Independent Clinical Laboratories Need to Shift Strategy

GOP Senators Join House Republicans in Calling for an End to EHR Payments

Capitol Hill Hears Message from Independent Clinical Laboratory Owners: Additional Medicare Cuts in 2013 Can Be Financially Devastating

Doctors’ Mistakes in Genetic Test Orders Is Warning Signal to Pathologists and Clinical Laboratories

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