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Clinical Laboratories in United States Show More Interest in ISO 15189 Accreditation

Today’s Physicians Prefer Employment; Days of Pathologists as Partners in Private Group Practices Are Numbered

“Choosing Wisely” Program Wants to Encourage Better Utilization of Clinical Pathology Laboratory Tests

Legal Fight over Gene Patents in AMP vs. Myriad Case to Be Subject of Oral Hearings at the Supreme Court, Just Months after Its Ruling in Prometheus Case

Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield Initiates Pre-authorization for Painkillers to Control Drug Abuse

High School Student Develops Diagnostic Test to Detect Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

FDA Clears New Rapid Clinical Laboratory Test for Market that Reduces Time-to-Answer for Bloodstream Infections to Two Hours

Expect More Multiplex Clinical Laboratory Testing as Systems Biology Moves Closer to Clinical Practice

Some Clinical Laboratories Report Drop in Average Number of Tests-Per-Patient

National Survey of Clinical Pathology Laboratory Executive Salaries to Be Presented at 17th Annual Executive War College on Lab and Path Management

Last Chance to Save on Your 2012 Executive War College Registration

When Recruiting and Training Generation Y to Work in Medical Laboratories, U.S.A and U.K. Face Same Challenges

In United Kingdom, Clinical Pathology Laboratories Must Transform to Help Primary Care Physicians Achieve Improved Patient Outcomes

Changing Role for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Testing Discussed at Personalized Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley

In the United Kingdom, Pathology and Medical Laboratory Testing Face Tough Challenges as the NHS Implements Reforms and Budget Cuts

Clinical Pathology Laboratories in the United States Face Tougher Accreditation and CLIA Environment

Concierge Medicine Trend Continues and Creates New Clients for Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Medical Laboratories in Toronto Move Forward with Digital Pathology and Clinical Lab Consolidation

In Canada, Clinical Pathology Laboratories Face Growing Lab Test Utilization and Shrinking Lab Test Budgets

Why Pathology Labs Need To Keep Pace with Big Changes Unfolding in the Field of Pathology Informatics

Clinical Pathology Laboratory Outreach Programs Are Revenue Bright Spot for Nation’s Health Systems and Hospitals

Hospital Laboratories Take Note: Medicaid will Cease Reimbursing for Hospital-Acquired Conditions in 2012

Clinical Chemists and Medical Laboratory Professionals Gather at AACC’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta

Britain Rescinds Plans for Added Privatization Intended to Help Cut Costs at the National Health Service

65-Year Old Baby Boomers Ready to Fight for Right to Opt Out of Medicare

Pathology Groups and Clinical Laboratories Should Prepare for Medicare RAC Auditors

Many Hospitals and Doctors Not Happy with Federal Rules for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Medicare’s Final Rule for Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Draws Fire from Healthcare Provider Groups

Clinical Laboratories Beware: Many Payers May Not Be Ready for HIPAA 5010 on January 1, 2012

IFCC WorldLab 2011 Conference in Berlin Provides Look at Developing Trends in Clinical Laboratory Testing Products

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